Where did 2011 go?

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve obviously had a lot of fun this year as 2011 has absolutely rocketed by.

I know I sew a lot, but I do feel that I don’t complete a lot of items, therefore I find it interesting to see what I have achieved at the end of each year, and it was:

7 x Tops
2 x Pants
2 x Skirts
2 x UFO’s
1 x Cardigan
1 x Jeans
1 x Hand knitted garment
5 x Jewellery pieces
3 x Craft

Patterns used:

BWOF – 2
Simplicity – 3
Vogue – 2
Jalie – 1
Marfy – 1
Kwik.Sew – 2
Self Drafted – 2

Favourite Garment

Even though they have only just been finished, I have to say it is the Jalie Jeans. The fact that I have got such a great fit is the reason I sew and I’m so glad that I do.

The other is Kwik.Sew 3740, this is such a great fitting pattern for me, even though I only made 2 tops this year from this pattern they have been worn constantly and I plan on making some short sleeve/no sleeve versions for summer with this pattern.


  • Attending the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, USA with my two sewing buddies Alison and Maria.
  • Spending a weekend with my Mum and Sister sewing at Bribie Island.
  • Another sewing weekend with my sewing buddies at North Ryde.
  • Organising the Pattern Review get together here in Sydney and meeting a group of wonderful ladies.

2011 Sewing Goals – How did I go?

  • Complete 1 garment a month – I’m still working on this, with all the sewing days I have it is a mystery to me why this doesn’t happen.  However with a total of 24 pieces I must have had some very productive months 🙂
  • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review – This just didn’t happen.

2012 Sewing Goals

  • Complete 1 garment a month, I would really like to start/finish a garment a month.
  • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review.
  • Play with the binders for my Coverstitch machine and get comfortable using them.

And finally, a collage of the pieces I made in 2011.

There are a couple more UFO’s to complete and hopefully I will be able to share them with you soon.

Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by.

15 thoughts on “Where did 2011 go?

  1. 2011 was a good year for you despite your reservations!! I am envious of your finished garments – they all look great. Looking forward to more sewing days in 2012 with you and the gang!


  2. I think you should be happy with your \”average\” number of garments per month. You sure beat me. I averaged just under 1 garment per month in 2011. Like you, I am going to try again this year to get to one per month.


  3. I think it's pretty fabulous that you made it to Puyallup last year all the way from Australia! I live in San Francisco and still haven't made it to Puyallup!Happy 2012!


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