I’ve got a new cutting table

and it all started with an A0 Self Healing Mat that I requested for Xmas.

Once DH collected the mat, he informed me that he would make me a cutting table to go with it, something that we can dismantle like the rest of the room for when we have guests.

The top of the table is made from  the same timber as my sewing table and we purchased the Vika Kay adjustable legs from Ikea.The table is attached to the slats on the bed with sliding blots that lock in place, and DH has even drilled a couple of more positions just in case I want to lower the table or even have the table top on a slant (not sure if I would, but you never know).

The table has had quite a bit of use since it was installed, a pair of navy jeans and a navy linen skirt have been cut out and both items are very close to being revealed.

See the large blue bag to the right, that is my scrap bag, I really need to find a way to use these bits or just bite the bullet and throw/give them away.  The brown bag is for fabric that has to be washed, it doesn’t go in the stash until it is washed.

Now to do some hems!

10 thoughts on “I’ve got a new cutting table

  1. back when I had a sewing room I had my cutting table with the exact same legs – it is sooo helpful to have a really high table for sewing.No back trouble 🙂 Enjoy!


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