Leather Workshop – Convention 2012

Well I’m home again and what a fantastic week I had at the ASG Convention in Adelaide.

In my previous post I did tell you about the Fractured Knit Cardi workshop I was going to be doing, however I didn’t mention the Luscious Leather Handbag 2 day workshop with Yvonne Twining.

My kit for this workshop was $48 for the small bag and that was for the leather and pigskin for the lining.

The class started with us choosing 3 or 4 types/colours of leather and Yvonne had so much gorgeous leather to choose from and what colour pigskin lining we wanted to use.  This is my leather choice, safe but perfect for me to use every day.

This is during construction showing the 3 leathers

By the end of the first day we had cut out the leather pieces, pigskin lining and had completed the sewing of the pigskin lining.

2 side zip pockets and an iPhone pocket

At the end of the 2nd day, all 9 of the workshop attendees had a finished bag and here is mine:

The 3 leathers on the front and the back is the plain leather

Not sure how I’m going to fix that wayward stitch 😦
Internal view

I am thrilled with my new bag and it was an excellent learning experience for working with leather.

The Fractured Knit Cardi just needs a few more finishing touches.

22 thoughts on “Leather Workshop – Convention 2012

  1. It looks very smart. I have been wanting to try sewing a leather handbag, so I am feeling slightly envious, just for a minute ;). It sounds like a terrific time at the convention.


  2. Anonymous

    Fabulous bag Sharon. I'm sure your will use this loads. Nice to get it all made at the class – and no-one will notice your 'wayward stitch' if you don't point it out!


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