Dressmaking with Stitches

I’m so glad I didn’t say which Christmas I would have Volume 21 available for you to download as I have just missed the 2nd Christmas since I made that rather rash statement.

To that end I would like to thank Ellen, one of my fellow sewers at Rhodes who enjoys using the index, for her assistance in proof reading Volume 21 for me so that I could share this with you sooner than my time seemed to be letting me get it done.

So here is the Index for Volume 21 for you to take a copy if you wish.  I have again shared this with Lynn Cook.

No promises in future, but Volume 22 is underway and well Volume 23 has snuck up on me!

Dressmaking with Stitches – Housekeeping

I have received a couple of messages to say that the links for the Indexes for the magazines have not been working.

It turns out that the company I was using to host the files on has been sold but now the new company is providing an excellent service and I have today updated all the links for the Indexes.

I am slowly working on getting Volume 21 finished, maybe a Christmas present for us all!

Interfacing and Bluffed Patch Pocket

Now if you attended the ASG Industry Day at Niagara Park last Saturday week you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Martyn Smith, the Sales and Marketing Manager for McCall’s was the guest speaker for the afternoon session to talk about “using the correct interfacing” and this was the main reason that I attend this Industry Day.

Martyn has an extensive knowledge base and has over the years has written some very informative articles for Australian Stitches.

So it is time to dig out some of your older Australian Stitches magazines and using the indexes I have here it was very easy to find Martyn’s article in Volume 16 Issue No.4 “Blissful Bonding”.  This article is pretty much the information that Martyn shared with us as well as showcasing the new interfacing’s that McCall’s have launched.

One of the items that Martyn strongly suggests you own is an “Elna Press”.  Do you have a one of the many domestic ironing presses?

When my sewing teacher moved I purchased one of the ones that we used during class, it is a Singer Magic Press II and use it for all of my interfacing pressing as it makes any bonding so easy.

There it is bottom left standing to attention!

So what is a Bluffed Patch Pocket that had quite a few of us intrigued about last Saturday when Martyn showed us this jacket front during his talk.  Martyn explains it beautifully in Australian Stitches Volume 11 No.5 “Bluffed Patch Pocket”.  I had to flick through the actual magazines to find this one!

You can just see the edge of the pocket above!
I have been busy sewing, but you will have to wait a bit longer to see the results.