Vale Roscoe

This is so hard to write.

Over the years my long term readers have come to know my beautiful boy Roscoe.

He came into our lives as a 9 week old pup, our fur baby in January 2004.

Since then he has been my constant companion, always by my side, we have trained together and even drove around Sydney doing Agility training which he still loved to do at our local Off Leash Area

Roscoe was very accustomed to seeing me taking photos for my blog in the backyard for many years and then for some reason at 6 years of age he decided it was time for him to be included where he managed to be in a lot of my photos from then on. 

Our mornings started with the alarm going off and then being bombarded by Roscoe until we got out of bed to go for our morning walk. This was the first part of a morning ritual, breakfast and coffee (frothed milk) with a possible yogurt container to lick and play with were just the mornings. Around 5pm or when we got home another walk and play time was had before dinner and then cuddles until we all went to bed.

He loved catching ball, playing soccer, chasing and catching the Frisbee and of course, a stick was always a great play toy.

One of the treats Roscoe really enjoyed was a trip to the beach playing in the surf and rolling in the sand.

It took days to get all that sand out!

Last Christmas we realised Roscoe had lost a lot of strength in his back legs when he wasn’t interested in playing in the surf or even capable of having a good roll in the sand.  He had also developed some breathing difficulties.

Last week it all came to a head, Roscoe struggled to walk even half a block without rushing home very distressed. A trip to the vet confirmed our worst fears and we had to say goodbye.

He will be missed!

Shorts for the man

Every now and then I plan to make a garment for Mark and seeing I had already made him two Strathcona Henely t-shirts and had purchased the Jutland Pants from Thread Theory, I thought a new pair of shorts was in order.

Mark does own a pair of red shorts so I didn’t feel that purchasing this burnt orange would be too much except my sewing buddies keep telling me it is my colour.

I then had some fun finding some manly cotton fabric for the pocket bags, waistband lining and bias binding.

My madness is based on the fact that Mark has a 30″ waist and last year I found it extremely difficult to find pants/trousers in this size and as he prefers not to wear a belt it looks like I could have a new job.

So I cut out a size 30″ and then couldn’t make up my mind if I was going to do patch pockets or welt pockets.

Welt pockets won, but it has been a long time since I have done these and I’m glad his RTW shorts have the bar tacks at the end of the pockets as this has helped cover my overcutting.

Even though I wasn’t completely happy with the welt pockets I decided to still make these as I wasn’t sure that the pattern 30″ waist would be equal to Mark’s real waist.

All seams are flat felled and I have used bias strips for around the edge of the fly.

Again my sewing machine didn’t like the buttonhole so I have again used the tutorial I used for my Jeans.

I found this button in my button jar and think it works perfectly for these shorts.

Mark found the waist to be very comfortable but did comment that these are a slim fit in the legs.  So next time I will add a some extra width in the front leg and see how that goes.

This is at the end of the day.

Now the fabric for these shorts were counted in the 2015 totals, but I attended the Sydney Spoolettes Fabric Destash event last Sunday and donated the green/black mesh knit that you can see at the top left hand of the picture below.  This was purchased during our trip to the USA back in 2011 and now I can only see the black in it so I am very happy it has found a new home.

2016 Stash Out: 2.9 m
2016 Stash In: 15 m

MMM’15 – Days 25 to 31 and wrap-up

Monday 25 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in brown/red/coffee knit, previously worn on Days 6 and 15
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in suede like fabric, previously worn on Days 6, 11 and 14
Jacket: Me made knitted shawl collar jacket (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made necklace and earrings (blogged here)
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Airflext Valent brown boots

Tuesday 26 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in blue and gold swirls, previously worn on Days 2 and 14.
Skirt: Marfy 0757 skirt in blue wool (blogged here)
Jacket: Sewaholic Minoru jacket (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made navy necklace and earrings
Tights: Black tights
Boots: Nine West black boots

Wednesday 27 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in brown/cream/orange arrowheads, previously worn on Days 1 and 13.
Skirt: Vogue 7937 in brown wool crepe (blogged here)
Cardigan: Simplicity 2603 in brown Mercury Jersey, previously worn on Day 21.
Accessory: Purchased gold choker with cream pendant and earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots

Thursday 28 May

Dress: Simplicity 2648 in navy linen and pickstitching (blogged here)
Cardigan: Jalie 2566 in multi coloured sweater knit (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made crotched necklace and earrings
Tights: Black tights
Boots: Instep Otis black suede boots

Friday 29 May – Theme Day

Your Town (interesting landmarks, your garden, a favourite cafe, show us a little slice of where you live.)

Today was hectic, so my town was a bit hard to get to, however seeing you have seen quite a bit of my back yard, I thought I would show you where I spend my working hours, the office.

Trust the phone to ring!
Top: Vogue 1822 (OOP) in spotty Japanese cotton (blogged here)
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt with jean skirt lines added in green twill (blogged here)
Cardigan: Miette in Morris Woollahra wool, colour mint choc chips (re-knitted since last year and to be blogged)
Accessory: Purchased necklace and earrings
Tightsy: Brown tights
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

Saturday 30 May

This morning it was catching up with a friend for coffee and then grocery shopping.

You’ve been to the butcher!
Top: Kwik.Sew 3740  in coffee/grey/cream knit, previously worn on Days 11 and 20.
Jeans: Jalie 2908 in brown denim, previously worn on Days 1, 3 and 22.
Accessory: Gold choker with purchased glass pendant with cream/brown/gold flecks and earrings
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

Sunday 31 May

Today Sandra and I headed to the Powerhouse Museum to see:

Top: BWOF 02/2009/108 in cream Mercury Jersey, previously worn on Day 10.
Skirt: Vogue 1247 in orange linen (blogged here)
Cardigan: Simplicity 2603 in brown Mercury Jersey, previously worn on Days 21 and 27.
Accessory: Purchased necklace and earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots


Wrap-up 2015

The weather this year was very different from last year but the same things are still true, I need more layers and tops.

My sewing list for the remainder of the year is pretty clear, I just hope I can keep away from “skirts” as a blue denim one is calling out to me.

My goal to conquer elastic failed, I ran out of elastic!  New stocks have been purchased and hopefully some new lingerie will appear soon.

Now back to some regular blogging.

MMM’15 – Days 18 to 24

Monday 18 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 with neckline raised by 2cm in chartreuse/navy/grey knit, previously worn on Day 7
Skirt: Vogue 7937 in black wool (blogged here)
Accessory: Purchased necklace, earrings and Rosoce (walk in)
Tights: Black tights
Boots: Nine West black boots.

Tuesday 19 May

Today was my birthday and I have received some wonderful cards and presents.

Dress: The Selfish Seamstress Audrey dress in brown linen (blogged here)
Cardigan: Jalie 2566 fractured knit cardigan, previously worn on Day 5
Accessory: Me made necklace and purchased earrings.
Tights: Black tights (just realised I forgot to change them when I changed my dress).
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots.

Wednesday 20 May

Kwik.Sew 3740 in coffee/grey/cream knit, previously worn on Day 11.
Skirt: McCall’s 7244 in grey wool flannel, made pre blog.
Accessory: Purchased necklace and earrings
Tights: Black tights
Boots: Instep Otiss black suede boots

Thursday 21 May

Top: Vogue 8572 (OOP) and very modified in off white damask, previously worn on Day 5
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in brown tropical wool, previously worn on Day 5.
Cardigan: Simplicity 2603 in brown mercury jersey (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made crocheted necklace and earrings.
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots

Friday 22 May – Theme Day

Animals (real ones, fabric ones, prints, go wild)

It is pouring rain and Roscoe is worried that I’m not taking him to his mates place whilst I head to Tamworth for the weekend with some sewing friends from Pattern Review.

Top: Jalie 2566 top in animal print (blogged here)

Jeans: Jalie 2908 brown jeans, previously worn on Days 1 and 3
Cardigan: Jalie 2566 cardigan in animal print (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made necklace and earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

Saturday 23 May

 BWOF   02/2009/108 in blue/brown/chartreuse, previously worn on Days 4 and 16.
Jean: Jalie 2908 dark blue jeans, previously worn on Day 2.
Vest: Me made knitted Shona Vest (blogged here)

Accessory: Purchased necklace and earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Shoes/Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

Sunday 24 May

Haydon Hall, Murrurundi

Top: Kwik.Sew 3470 in orange swirl knit, previously worn on Day

Skirt: BWOF 04-2009-101 in salt and pepper cord (blogged here)
Cardigan: Simplicity 2603 in brown merino knit (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made Captive Chain Maille necklace (blogged here) and purchased earrings
Tights: Seamster Rosehip tights in brown Mercury Jersey tights (blogged here)
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

MMM’15 – Days 11 to 17

Monday 11 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in coffee/grey/cream knit (blogged here)
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in brown suede like fabric, previously worn on Day 6
Accessory: Purchased necklace and earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots

Tuesday 12 May

Dress: McCall’s 5433 in navy linen (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made necklace and purchased earrings
Tights: Black tights
Boots: Nine West black boots

Wednesday 13 May

 Kwik.Sew 3740 in brown/cream/orange arrowheads, previously worn on Day 1
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in brown tropical wool, previously worn on Day 5
Accessory: Me made necklace and earrings using smokey Quartz (blogged here)
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots

Thursday 14 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in blue and gold swirls, previously worn on Day 2
Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in brown suede like fabric, previously worn on Days 6 and 11
Accessory: Me made necklace (blogged here) and purchased earrings.
Tights: Seamster 9701 Rose Hip tights in brown Mercury Jersey (blogged here)
Boots: Airflex Valent brown boots.

Friday 15 May – Theme Day – Something Old

Something Old (give a well loved garment its last hurrah, wear something you made years ago, but whatever you do, tell us the story behind it)

Skirt: Self drafted pencil skirt in brown linen, and this is its last wearing!

This skirt was part of my 2009 SWAP plans and was interlined and lined with Sun Silky.

Unfortunately the  skirt itself is looking very tired, particularly at the hem and I am only left with the interlining so there are a few reasons for the final hurrah!

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 with cowl in brown/red/coffee, previously worn on Day 6.
Accessory: Me made burgundy necklace and earrings (seen here)
Tights: Brown tights
Boots: Sandler Sampson brown boots

Saturday 16 May

A lazy day at home, time in my sewing room and dog walking.

Top: BWOF 02/2009/108 blue/brown/green abstract print, previously worn on Day 4.
Pants: Simplicity 3640 in blue stretch twill (blogged here)
Hoodie: Seamster Avocado Hoodie 3401 in brown Stella Cotton knit (blogged here)
Shoes: Puma sneakers

Sunday 17 May

Some time in the sewing room and then a visit to the nursery and some serious planting.   This is after my darling sister had dug out the old plants and prepared the soil for me, she is a gem.

Top: Butterick 3344 in multi striped knit, previously worn on Day 8.
Pants: Simplicity 3604 in blue stretch twill, worn yesterday 🙂
Shoes: Puma sneakers

Orange Swirls

I’ve got a new top!

This fabric was purchased from Cabramatta in May last year and has been tempting me every since to make it up.

I have again made another version of KS 3740, and this time I have used the base I adjusted back here.

One thing I forget to check with was the amount of stretch this fabric had and it just felt a bit snug when I first made it a week ago.

So during the week, I unpicked the 4 thread overlock on the side seams and added a 4cm tapered gusset to the side seam.

Thankfully with the busy print it is hard to see.

I can see this top getting quite a bit of wear during winter!

2015 Stash Out: 5.85 m
2015 Stash In:13.5 m

2014 – My Sewing Year

Happy New Year!

I have spent quite some time reading everyone’s reviews of 2014, so I have decided to have a look at what I have achieved again this year using Gillian’s format, from Crafting a Rainbow

Now I know I don’t have 5 for each of the categories, but here we go!

This for me are the garments that have been worn and the following pieces are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.

Vogue 8572 OOP blouses

TNT Self Drafted Skirt – Navy and Brown
KS 3740 knit tops – Arrows and Sandra Knit

Marfy Skirt 0757
Fehr Trade Duathlon Gym Shorts

My Chanel inspired jacket, I had such high hopes for it back in December 2013 but it and the skirt were never worn, the jacket just felt “too big” even though I had made the pattern before the different technique made it a much “softer” jacket which in turn didn’t feel right.

I am still trying to get up the courage to do some major frog stitching as I am in still in love with the fabric.

The second miss is the Marfy blouse, it was worn once but tucking tops into my skirt is not what I normally do and it has too much fullness to be worn untucked.  This will be going to charity but I do plan on making another one but fine tuning the fullness first.

Highlight, Reflections and Goals

Visiting Linton Tweed and purchasing some of their gorgeous fabrics.  This trip also let us spend some quality time with my Mother-In-Law who sadly passed away on Boxing Day, a sad time for us all.

I have noticed over the past 12 months that I am taking a lot more time with my sewing and that hand sewing is not so foreign any more.

Even though I do like to see how many garments I have made during the year (22) I am not going to try and achieve a greater number next year, purely for the reason above.

Now as far as Stash Busting went I was a complete failure this year, 34.95 metres out and an astonishing 51.25 metres in, there must have been a lot of my colours around this year!

So how did I go with last years goals:

1.     Play with my coverstitch binders – Completed – I did play with my coverstich binders, both woven and knit

Woven binder on my yellow top

Knit bind on the Sandra Top

2.     Sew 3/4 of my garments from my stash and fabric purchased will be less than what I sew – Failed.

3.     Enter at least 1 competition – Completed – I entered two contests at Pattern Review, the New to Me Pattern Company Contest with my Coral Shirred Top and the Mini Wardrobe Competition  with my Active Wear!

4.     Spend at least 20 minutes a day in my sewing room – 75% of the time – I do manage to spend time in my sewing room however being active and training does impact on this but I have learnt that life balance is important.

5.     Conquer Pants – Failed – I learnt a lot about pants in 2014 however the fit I am after is still evading me.

    and for 2015, well
    1. Pants – no need to say any more.
    2. Focus on my basics, I suddenly have no short sleeved tops for summer, I need to remedy this immediately.
    3. Enter at least 1 competition on either Stitcher’s Guild or Pattern Review.
    I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of you who read and/or comment on my blog.
    Finally here is the annual collage of my makes for 2014.

    I’ve got pockets! Make a Garment a Month – August completed!

    The track pants I made back in April have been in high rotation with the cold winter mornings we have been experiencing.

    It was time to make another pair!

    I found this useful tutorial that helped me draft a slanted pocket and then I found this great fat quarter in my stash for the pocket bags as I didn’t want the extra bulk of 3 layers of fleece on my thighs.

    To stop the pockets from bagging I used some cotton twill tape along the edge of the pocket when I attached them to the front pant piece.

    Are we going for a walk?

    Hurry up Mark!

    Next time I will make the pocket bag a bit bigger, but at least now I can carry my phone and keys with me when I take Roscoe for his walk.

    2014 Stash Out: 26.75 m
    2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

    Activewear – Avocado Hoodie

    I did it, I have sewn 5 garments this month, this is a first for me!

    This is my last piece for the Mini Wardrobe competition, it is the Avocado Hoodie by Seamster Patterns.

    With my other two tops being sleeveless, I thought I had better plan a layer piece and the hoodie seemed the perfect thing to make as I could play with the panels for some colour blocking.

    The patterns is another downloadable one, and I know putting it together and tracing it off was one of my activities during my week at Thredbo last year 🙂

    I traced off a Size 0 and then did the following adjustments:

    *  1cm gaposis tuck for the front neckline and 1.5cm round shoulder adjustment on both back and front pattern pieces

    *  1cm sway back (not sure why I didn’t do the extra 0.5cm)

    I again used the brown Stella Cotton Elastomeric 10% Spandex that I have used for all the other pieces as well as the fabric leftover from this top for the hood lining and side panels.

    Last Saturday at my ASG meeting I started to sew this hoodie and finished it on Tuesday night.

    The directions are very good, except I had some difficulty with the sleeve cuff. The cuff seam is to meet the notch on the sleeve, however if I did this my cuff/sleeve twisted, so my cuff seam is 1.5cm from the sleeve seam and placed towards the front of the sleeve.

    I wanted the hood to be a bit warmer, so I added a lining, cutting out another hood in the top fabric, sewing them together and then top stitching around the edge to keep it in place. I like the pop of colour near my face.

    Are we going for my walk?

    Okay let’s go!

    I am thrilled with the way this Mini Wardrobe has come together, I don’t have to subscribe to the black pants that you find in RTW!

    I am also taking this piece as my official completed garment for July!

    2014 Stash Out: 24.1 m
    2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

    Cream Boat Neck t-shirt – May Garment a Month – Completed

    So much for my commitment of finishing this top in May, it has been sitting on my ironing board waiting for the hems to be done for quite a few weeks.

    I have previously made this top a couple of times and found that I needed a plain cream top (or two) in my wardrobe.

    One thing Burda tells you do with this top is to turn and hem both necklines, then join the shoulders. Now trying to get the topstitching to line up this way has really given me a lot of grief.

    This time I sewed the shoulders seams, pressed under the hem around the neck edge, hand basted it in place and then used my coverstitch to do the topstitching.

    To turn the corner, you hand raise the needles, so that one of them is free and the other is just in the fabric, this lets you turn the neckline around that sharp corner (sorry I forget to take photos).

    Roscoe has managed to be in all the photos, he would not leave my side as I had said the magic word to him “work” which means he comes with me to the office for the day and just loves it!!  I need to remember to tell him after my photo session!

    This photos does show that I need to a FBA on this pattern and stop denying it, but it isn’t as noticeable in the patterned fabrics.

    2014 Stash Out: 14.7 m
    2014 Stash In: 45.75 m