Vale Roscoe

This is so hard to write.

Over the years my long term readers have come to know my beautiful boy Roscoe.

He came into our lives as a 9 week old pup, our fur baby in January 2004.

Since then he has been my constant companion, always by my side, we have trained together and even drove around Sydney doing Agility training which he still loved to do at our local Off Leash Area

Roscoe was very accustomed to seeing me taking photos for my blog in the backyard for many years and then for some reason at 6 years of age he decided it was time for him to be included where he managed to be in a lot of my photos from then on. 

Our mornings started with the alarm going off and then being bombarded by Roscoe until we got out of bed to go for our morning walk. This was the first part of a morning ritual, breakfast and coffee (frothed milk) with a possible yogurt container to lick and play with were just the mornings. Around 5pm or when we got home another walk and play time was had before dinner and then cuddles until we all went to bed.

He loved catching ball, playing soccer, chasing and catching the Frisbee and of course, a stick was always a great play toy.

One of the treats Roscoe really enjoyed was a trip to the beach playing in the surf and rolling in the sand.

It took days to get all that sand out!

Last Christmas we realised Roscoe had lost a lot of strength in his back legs when he wasn’t interested in playing in the surf or even capable of having a good roll in the sand.  He had also developed some breathing difficulties.

Last week it all came to a head, Roscoe struggled to walk even half a block without rushing home very distressed. A trip to the vet confirmed our worst fears and we had to say goodbye.

He will be missed!

25 thoughts on “Vale Roscoe

  1. Sharon – I am so sorry. I am just catching up on some blog reading. I am very very sorry to hear that Rosco has gone. I know how much a part of your life he was. So much so that I am shedding a tear now for him. We all got to know him through your blog. My heart goes out to you.


  2. I'm so sorry Sharon, it is so hard losing a pet, they are members of the family and no doubt home is going to feel a bit empty for a while. He had a great life by the looks of things and you have many lovely photos and memories of him. xx


  3. Hi Sharon. So sorry to hear about Roscoe. He was a wonderful dog – sounds similar in nature to my own. Sounds silly, but I'm a little teary writing this. It is so hard when we lose our 'shadow'. Sending you a big hug


  4. Oh, Sharon… I'm so sorry; it's always been such a joy to see Roscoe in your pictures… he was a beautiful, very loved boy. I'm sending you lots of hugs, darling; I know how awful this is. It's been months since we lost our own lovely girl and I still cry sometimes.


  5. I once had a dear and very spiritual teacher who said of the departed: \”They're not here but they're not far.\”Still it's sad but Roscoe was obviously very loved and had a great life and loved you in return.My sympathy to you.


  6. Anonymous

    This is the saddest time but he will live on in your memories and has woven himself into the tapestry of your life. Consider the fact that he lived a long and happy life. Thinking of you. We lost our beloved dog nearly three years ago and I still feel her presence around the house


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