2018 in review

was a year of sewing for me, but unfortunately not garment sewing.
As I highlighted last year the renovations we did, meant that the curtains were not going to work with the new colour scheme so I decided to make them for the whole house, 5 windows and 2 very large french doors.
Don’t get me wrong I did manage to do a bit of garment sewing and that is probably why the curtains took 9 months to complete. 

Knitting and jewellery making ended up being my sanity savers.

  • changing the sleeve length on V8648 made this dress very wearable.
  • another DVF Wrap Dress, has been worn a number of times and I can see it being worn a lot more.
  • another 3 classes with Susan Khalje in Sydney
  • winning viewers choice at the Australian Sewing Guild Convention Dinner held in Melbourne in August for my V8648 dress.
Liz Haywood presenting me with her book, “The Dressmakers Companion”.
  • In November I toured Tasmania with 12 other yarn crazy ladies and had a fabulous time.
  • completed the curtains and I’m very happy with them.
Lounge room curtains

I’ve realised that I get caught up in too many shiny things and in 2019 I need to be a lot more aware of this and take stock before I jump in.
That is why I still have 2 Little French Jackets, 1 Couture Skirt and 1 Couture Silk Blouse to complete, time is something I struggle with.

I didn’t manage to be effective with my  #MakeNine plans with only 1 garment completed even though I did sew 3 garments (one of them was was V1247 for “#MakeNine), knitted 2 scarfs and made 3 pieces of jewelry.

My stash in and out this year is 6.4 metres out and 18.6 metres added and this includes fabric for the classes with Susan Khalje as well as lycra for the swimwear course I attended earlier this month which are close to being finished and some Dintex for a jacket for Mark and I which if you follow me on IG you would have already seen.

As mad as it sounds after reading my comments above, I plan on doing SWAP again in 2019 as it will fill my wardrobe with necessary garments in a quick time frame which have either worn out or been stained beyond recovery.


I’m not sure if blogging is alive or dead these days, but I do like to blog simply for the added information that you can’t share via IG.

I would like to thank everyone who visits and those that comment, I know life is hectic and I myself have been remiss in commenting but plan to get back into reading and commenting on the blogs that I enjoy.

Here is the collage of my makes for 2018.

I do have a few pieces to blog about, so hope to see you soon.

2017 in review

I am very late to the party, but what a year it has been and Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow has again asked us to share our thoughts.


All of what I have made this year has been has been worn continuously and I am very happy with it all.


  • 3 classes with Susan Khalje in Sydney.
  • Trip to Melbourne to see the Dior Exhibition with sewing friends.
  • 3 long weekends away sewing with friends throughout the year.
  • Attending my first Australian Knitting Guild Camp.
  • Bus trip to the Bendigo Wool Show.
  • My Sewing Sister has arrived and I am thrilled with her.
Wearing my Couture Dress


It has been an interesting year, sewing took a back seat as we renovated our home and even then the knitting didn’t increase but I was surprised that I had completed 9 garments.  The Little French Jacket still has a lot of work to be done, but I plan on finishing it this year.

It also came as a surprise that I managed to curtail my fabric purchasing this year with 21.9 metres going out and only 14.6 metres being added to the collection, this hasn’t happened since 2014 and I would like to continue this way.  Instead I have increased my knitting collection but at this stage it is still contained in 2 small tubs.


I’ve realised over the years that I post goals here and then go about and forget about them until my next round up!  After listening to the Love to Sew podcast Episode 22 I realised that I am an “Obliger” and unless I share my goals elsewhere I’m not likely to do it.

I joined Instagram back in January last year and found the #2018makenine hosted by Rochelle from Lucky Lucille.  This is 3 less garments that A Garment a Month which I found difficult to achieve so I am hoping that this format keeps me motivated.  I have chosen my 9 pieces and have started work on the skirt from Vogue 1247.  The question mark will be a top of some sort I’m just trying to work out which pattern.

Thank you everyone who has visited my blog to follow my crafting journey, it is very much appreciated.

Now for the collage of my makes for 2017:

Now to catch up on some blogging.

2016 in Review

I am definitely late to the party this year,  but I do like to look at what I managed to achieve each year.

Gillian has again encouraged us to look at our Top 5 Hits, Misses, Highlights, Reflections and Goals for 2016.


Reptilian jeans, I love them.

Pleather top, I am so pleased how this worked out.

My BIL’s Ducati Henley, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and how well it turned out in the end.


The rayon shell top is a fail, I do not like how it works with the top I made, probably wrong fabric choice.

The biggest fail and the one that completely took away my sewing mojo for quite a bit of the year was Burda 7286 Jacket, wrong fabric, gaberdine weave doesn’t work with tailoring!!


  • I’ve travelled a lot this year, Armidale, Brisbane as well as Puyallup where I met Carolyn and Patti.
  • Attended 2 sewing weekends with my sewing buddies.


It was an interesting year last year, I seriously took up Continental knitting and am enjoying it immensely, there is a cardigan that just needs the buttons sewn on and it fits perfectly.

The bags I have made have filled a hole in my life both for travel and also at home.

My addiction to fabric has not been cured or curtailed, unfortunately more came in 42.95 than last year and less went out 20.1.  This does not include the bags.


I managed to complete 2 of my goals for 2016:

  1. Picking (Continental) knitting. 
  2. Entered the bag contest at Pattern Review.
I am carrying the other 2 across to 2017 as they are still projects that I want to complete e.g.
  • Pants
  • Lingerie
Finally, I would like to thank everyone who visits my blog, takes the time to comment and share my sewing, knitting and jewellery making journey with me.

Now for the collage of my makes for 2016.

2015 in Review

Happy New Year!

I am a bit late to the party but once again Gillian from Crafting A Rainbow has again encouraged us all to have a look at what we have achieved in 2015 and where we would like to go in 2016.

Top 5 of 2015

It has been another quiet year for me for my sewing, I seem to be missing the time in my sewing room before work, part is due to exercise but that is not every morning.

Sewing Hits

These are the pieces that I have constantly worn, or are favourite makes that due to the weather has resulted in very little wear so far.

KS 3740 long sleeve in orange swirls and short sleeves using yellow slub jersey

Rose Hip Tights by Seamster Patterns
Jalie 2908 Jeans

and this one I can’t wait for it to get cooler to wear

Jalie 2320 cord jean jacket

Sewing Misses

There is only one and that is due to more adjustments that need to be made to make it more comfortable to wear, the Diane Von Frustenberg wrap dress

Highlights, Reflections and Goals


There are a few highlights this year, all sewing related but that is what I love to do.

1.  Spending a week with Claire Sheaffer for a week of Couture at Armidale

2.  Being a joint winner for the Pattern Review Jeans Contest which are above as I just love my Jalie Jeans.

3.  Having a fantastic week with my sewing buddies at the ASG Convention in Brisbane!


I have again this year taken my time to sew and after spending a week with Roberta Thompson at the ASG Convention in Brisbane this year, I know that I need to go back to some of Roberta’s notes from years ago.  Going back to basic steps when I want to work on a new pattern long before you cut the fabric e.g. the DVF wrap dress for instance.

I am also addicted to fabric, thankfully not as bad as last year but still too much fabric came in 32.8 when only 25.55 went out.  These figures are quite different to what was on this last sewing post as I have two items for hubby which I need to get photos of and then there are a number of new pieces in the stash that I haven’t shared, so it is time to come clean.


My goals for 2015 weren’t semi successful:

  1. Pants – well I am closer to what I want but not there yet.
  2. Sewing basics – short sleeve summer tops, well I have made two but they aren’t really work appropriate.
  3. Enter a Contest – two this year at Pattern Review, the jeans above and the Kate Top which I entered for the last contest of the year.

and for 2016,

  1. Yes pants again this year!
  2. Lingerie – I really want to make my own.
  3. I enjoy entering contests so lets see if my plans can be completed.
  4. Not sewing but knitting it is what I do when I can’t take my sewing machine so I want to learn Picking (Knitting) instead of Throwing and to have a garment knitted.
Most importantly I want to thank everyone who visits my blog and leaves comments.  If you are having problems commenting please let me know as I believe there have been some issues with Blogger, my email address is under my complete profile.
Finally here is the annual collage of my makes for 2015.

2014 – My Sewing Year

Happy New Year!

I have spent quite some time reading everyone’s reviews of 2014, so I have decided to have a look at what I have achieved again this year using Gillian’s format, from Crafting a Rainbow

Now I know I don’t have 5 for each of the categories, but here we go!

This for me are the garments that have been worn and the following pieces are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.

Vogue 8572 OOP blouses

TNT Self Drafted Skirt – Navy and Brown
KS 3740 knit tops – Arrows and Sandra Knit

Marfy Skirt 0757
Fehr Trade Duathlon Gym Shorts

My Chanel inspired jacket, I had such high hopes for it back in December 2013 but it and the skirt were never worn, the jacket just felt “too big” even though I had made the pattern before the different technique made it a much “softer” jacket which in turn didn’t feel right.

I am still trying to get up the courage to do some major frog stitching as I am in still in love with the fabric.

The second miss is the Marfy blouse, it was worn once but tucking tops into my skirt is not what I normally do and it has too much fullness to be worn untucked.  This will be going to charity but I do plan on making another one but fine tuning the fullness first.

Highlight, Reflections and Goals

Visiting Linton Tweed and purchasing some of their gorgeous fabrics.  This trip also let us spend some quality time with my Mother-In-Law who sadly passed away on Boxing Day, a sad time for us all.

I have noticed over the past 12 months that I am taking a lot more time with my sewing and that hand sewing is not so foreign any more.

Even though I do like to see how many garments I have made during the year (22) I am not going to try and achieve a greater number next year, purely for the reason above.

Now as far as Stash Busting went I was a complete failure this year, 34.95 metres out and an astonishing 51.25 metres in, there must have been a lot of my colours around this year!

So how did I go with last years goals:

1.     Play with my coverstitch binders – Completed – I did play with my coverstich binders, both woven and knit

Woven binder on my yellow top

Knit bind on the Sandra Top

2.     Sew 3/4 of my garments from my stash and fabric purchased will be less than what I sew – Failed.

3.     Enter at least 1 competition – Completed – I entered two contests at Pattern Review, the New to Me Pattern Company Contest with my Coral Shirred Top and the Mini Wardrobe Competition  with my Active Wear!

4.     Spend at least 20 minutes a day in my sewing room – 75% of the time – I do manage to spend time in my sewing room however being active and training does impact on this but I have learnt that life balance is important.

5.     Conquer Pants – Failed – I learnt a lot about pants in 2014 however the fit I am after is still evading me.

    and for 2015, well
    1. Pants – no need to say any more.
    2. Focus on my basics, I suddenly have no short sleeved tops for summer, I need to remedy this immediately.
    3. Enter at least 1 competition on either Stitcher’s Guild or Pattern Review.
    I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of you who read and/or comment on my blog.
    Finally here is the annual collage of my makes for 2014.

    Top 5 of 2013 – Part 2

    This is the 2nd half of Gillian’s Top 5 for 2013, my Reflections, Inspirations and Goals.


    1.  I thought that my sewing didn’t produce as many garments this year, 22 in total (2 for DH and 1 knitted), but I’ve just noticed that my goal for 2013 was to sew at least 22 so win!  This included the 2 major projects, The Trench and Chanel Jacket and a lot of my sewing was completed in the first  4 months of the year.
    2. I seem to sign up for countless sew-alongs but have only managed to complete 1 on time and the others, well I will have to settle for being late!
    3.  The same goes for Craftsy classes, I have 7 classes that are a combination of free and paid for and so far I haven’t finished one, although my jeans have been basted for the past 12 months J
    4. I love my sewing as it gives me another focus than my stressful job, and keeps me sane.
    5. I committed to sew from my stash this year,

      I, Sharon of Petite and Sewing, commit to sew 3/4 of all projects in 2013 from Stash.  Fabric purchases will be less than the yardage used during the stash sewing in 2013.

      and I managed to keep to my pledge, 18 of the above garments were from my stash and a total of 32.65m went out and a scary 24.8m came in.


    This is so hard to define, I find it in all sorts of places on the internet, the blogs I follow, Stitcher’s Guild, Pattern Review and life in general.  
    I know that all your comments inspire me to do better with my sewing and I thank you all for that.
    1. I’m not sure if I should put this here as for the last 2 years I have said I would play with my coverstitch binders and guess what, I still haven’t touched them!
    2. Continue to sew from the stash and commit to sewing 3/4 of my projects from the stash and fabric purchases will be less than what I sew!  This could all go out the window if I see any burgundy/aubergine fabric!!
    3. Complete at least one competition either on Stitcher’s Guild or Pattern Review.
    4. To spend 20 minutes a day in my sewing room, it is surprising how this time adds up!
    5. I am going to conquer pants!

    This next bit isn’t part of Gillan’s list, but I do like to see at a glance all my projects so here is the collage for 2013.

    I’ve loved reading everyone else’s Top 5 and have found some new blogs to follow.
    Now back to regular sewing!

    Top 5 of 2013

    Happy New Year!

    I was going to do my normal yearly review, but this year decided to join Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow on posting my Top 5 for 2013 that is appearing on so many other blogs.

    I’m going to start with my Hits & Misses


    1.  Burda 11/2008/123

    My Trench Coat,  I love it and it has proved very useful, keeping that chilly wind at bay and even keeping me dry during the horrendous down pour we got caught in on 16 November.  This was a major project for me this year and I would hate to say how many hours this took but I am so glad I took my time and made a coat that will last me for many years.

    2.  Vogue 7975

    The Chanel Inspired Jacket, another garment I am in love with and can see it working so well in my wardrobe.  This was the 2nd major project that I took on this year and again I can’t say how many hours it took as there was a long break between starting this and the finish, however the process was very enjoyable and I love the feel of this jacket on.

    3.  Vogue 8815

    I absolutely love this blouse and need to make some with sleeves as it gets worn constantly in summer with navy and brown but I don’t like the look with a cardigan or jacket for the cooler months so sleeves are necessary.

    4.  Vogue 1247

    I have made 2 skirts from this pattern, the brown denim and burnt orange linen and they both get worn frequently and I love those pockets!  The navy and white spot top is also one that I reach for constantly which has surprised me as this is quite a different style of top for me.

    5.  Self Drafted Skirt

    All four skirts are based on my Self Drafted TNT Skirt pattern, the first is the Suede Skirt which works well for both work and evening; next is the Ribbon skirt which was a lot of fun to make and has been worn out to the Sydney Theatre a couple of times;  now my forest green denim style skirt is another skirt that gets worn a lot casually and finally my Tweed skirt that matches my Chanel inspired jacket.


    Burda 02/2013/126

    I have been very lucky and only really count this one as a miss and you know why!  I do plan on getting this style to work so all is not lost.

    Another year has disappeared

    and my sewing highlight of the year was to be announced as the winner of the Stitcher’s Guild 2012 SWAP Competition, I still get a thrill when I think about this.

    Interestingly with all the sewing focus for the first 4 months of the year, I felt that the remainder of the year wasn’t as productive, lets see:

    1 x Pants
    3 x Skirts
    8 x Tops
    3 x Cardigans
    1 x Jeans
    2 x Dresses
    1 x Jacket
    1 x Vest
    1 x Hand knitted garment
    3 x Jewellery pieces
    3 x Craft
    5 x Bags

    Wow that is a total of 29 items sewn, however the craft items are listed as 3 when each of those had a least 3 pieces to each of them, so not a bad year at all.

    I never thought I’d make a bag, now I have made 5 in 1 year, a bit scary!

    Patterns used:
    Sure Fit Design – 1
    BWOF – 2
    Simplicity – 1
    Vogue – 2
    Jalie – 3
    Kwik.Sew – 1
    Moonshine Bags – 1
    Nicole Mallalieu – 1
    Hot Patterns – 1
    Sewaholic – 1

    Favourite Me Made Items

    This would have to be the Minoru jacket, I love it, it gets worn every chance I get and the Jalie Jeans are still in high rotation.

    The other item is my Leather Handbag, I’m just loving this bag.

    2012 Sewing Goals – How did I go?

    • Complete 1 garment a month – 20 garments means I have certainly done that.  I think I am going to reword this goal, I manage to do the sewing but not cut out and sew that garment in the same month.
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitcher’s Guild or Pattern Review – I definitely achieved this one, SWAP 2012 at Stitcher’s Guild, and I entered in the Handbag, Best Pattern and Jeans contests at Pattern Review.
    • Play with the binders for my Coverstitch machine and get comfortable using them – Oops this didn’t happen.

    2013 Sewing Goals

    • Complete at least 22 garments (20 in 2012, 24 in 2011).
    • Play with those binders!
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitcher’s Guild or Pattern Review 

    And finally, a collage of the pieces I made in 2012.

    Where did 2011 go?

    They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve obviously had a lot of fun this year as 2011 has absolutely rocketed by.

    I know I sew a lot, but I do feel that I don’t complete a lot of items, therefore I find it interesting to see what I have achieved at the end of each year, and it was:

    7 x Tops
    2 x Pants
    2 x Skirts
    2 x UFO’s
    1 x Cardigan
    1 x Jeans
    1 x Hand knitted garment
    5 x Jewellery pieces
    3 x Craft

    Patterns used:

    BWOF – 2
    Simplicity – 3
    Vogue – 2
    Jalie – 1
    Marfy – 1
    Kwik.Sew – 2
    Self Drafted – 2

    Favourite Garment

    Even though they have only just been finished, I have to say it is the Jalie Jeans. The fact that I have got such a great fit is the reason I sew and I’m so glad that I do.

    The other is Kwik.Sew 3740, this is such a great fitting pattern for me, even though I only made 2 tops this year from this pattern they have been worn constantly and I plan on making some short sleeve/no sleeve versions for summer with this pattern.


    • Attending the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, USA with my two sewing buddies Alison and Maria.
    • Spending a weekend with my Mum and Sister sewing at Bribie Island.
    • Another sewing weekend with my sewing buddies at North Ryde.
    • Organising the Pattern Review get together here in Sydney and meeting a group of wonderful ladies.

    2011 Sewing Goals – How did I go?

    • Complete 1 garment a month – I’m still working on this, with all the sewing days I have it is a mystery to me why this doesn’t happen.  However with a total of 24 pieces I must have had some very productive months 🙂
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review – This just didn’t happen.

    2012 Sewing Goals

    • Complete 1 garment a month, I would really like to start/finish a garment a month.
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review.
    • Play with the binders for my Coverstitch machine and get comfortable using them.

    And finally, a collage of the pieces I made in 2011.

    There are a couple more UFO’s to complete and hopefully I will be able to share them with you soon.

    Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by.

    2010 – What a Year

    Wishing you a healthy, happy and sewful 2011!!

    It’s time again for my Yearly Review and I was surprised at how much I had accomplished this year – 22 pieces, namely:

    4 x Dresses
    4 x Pants
    9 x Tops
    3 x Skirts
    1 x Craft (Dog Bed)
    1 x Hand knitted garment

    Patterns used:

    BWOF – 4
    McCall’s – 3
    Simplicity – 3
    Vogue – 2
    Jalie – 2
    Marfy – 1
    Kwik.Sew – 1
    Self Drafted – 1

    Favourite Garment

    This is a hard one, as most of the things that I have made this year have been worn a lot, which I’m really pleased about as this means I am finding the fit and style that I love to wear. I have also focused on increasing my casual wardrobe as I had always focused on the work wardrobe and this has been very successful.


    • Sewing with sewing buddies (always)
    • Going fabric shopping with my sewing buddies.
    • Attending the Pattern Review get together in Melbourne and meeting a group of wonderful ladies.
    • Attending the ASG Convention in Ballarat.

    2010 Sewing Goals – How did I go?

    • Complete 1 garment a month – Technically this didn’t happen, however with a total of 22 pieces I must have had some very productive months 🙂
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review – I entered two competitions on Pattern Review – Mini Wardrobe in April and Sewing for your Pet in September.

    2011 Sewing Goals

    • Complete 1 garment a month, I would really like to start/finish a garment a month.
    • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review.
    • Learning to use my TNT patterns to get different looks.

    And finally, a collage of the pieces I made in 2010.