2018 in review

was a year of sewing for me, but unfortunately not garment sewing.
As I highlighted last year the renovations we did, meant that the curtains were not going to work with the new colour scheme so I decided to make them for the whole house, 5 windows and 2 very large french doors.
Don’t get me wrong I did manage to do a bit of garment sewing and that is probably why the curtains took 9 months to complete. 

Knitting and jewellery making ended up being my sanity savers.

  • changing the sleeve length on V8648 made this dress very wearable.
  • another DVF Wrap Dress, has been worn a number of times and I can see it being worn a lot more.
  • another 3 classes with Susan Khalje in Sydney
  • winning viewers choice at the Australian Sewing Guild Convention Dinner held in Melbourne in August for my V8648 dress.
Liz Haywood presenting me with her book, “The Dressmakers Companion”.
  • In November I toured Tasmania with 12 other yarn crazy ladies and had a fabulous time.
  • completed the curtains and I’m very happy with them.
Lounge room curtains

I’ve realised that I get caught up in too many shiny things and in 2019 I need to be a lot more aware of this and take stock before I jump in.
That is why I still have 2 Little French Jackets, 1 Couture Skirt and 1 Couture Silk Blouse to complete, time is something I struggle with.

I didn’t manage to be effective with my  #MakeNine plans with only 1 garment completed even though I did sew 3 garments (one of them was was V1247 for “#MakeNine), knitted 2 scarfs and made 3 pieces of jewelry.

My stash in and out this year is 6.4 metres out and 18.6 metres added and this includes fabric for the classes with Susan Khalje as well as lycra for the swimwear course I attended earlier this month which are close to being finished and some Dintex for a jacket for Mark and I which if you follow me on IG you would have already seen.

As mad as it sounds after reading my comments above, I plan on doing SWAP again in 2019 as it will fill my wardrobe with necessary garments in a quick time frame which have either worn out or been stained beyond recovery.


I’m not sure if blogging is alive or dead these days, but I do like to blog simply for the added information that you can’t share via IG.

I would like to thank everyone who visits and those that comment, I know life is hectic and I myself have been remiss in commenting but plan to get back into reading and commenting on the blogs that I enjoy.

Here is the collage of my makes for 2018.

I do have a few pieces to blog about, so hope to see you soon.

5 thoughts on “2018 in review

  1. It sounds like you did have a productive year with those curtains! I need to do SWAP as I have no clothes! Did the RTW fast last year which I was successful in that I did not buy anything but the only things I made was a jacket (which I have not worn) and a Lois dress that was pulled out for all the occasions. Love your jewellery making. Might try that this year.


  2. I do read and appreciate you blog, it inspires me to keep or restart sewing when I get a little short on energy or ambition. Thank you to you and others who put the time and effort into creating these blogs.


  3. Hello Sharon, I still blog too but never quite sure if people read. I'm glad you are still writing and sharing posts.Some lovely makes, the cadet blue dress is particualrly lovely, and well done on getting the curtains/drapes done. I know I find that kind of sewing boring, so I rush it and have a few wonky curtains to show for it!


  4. You've certainly had a busy year Sharon and what a story of your husband's bravery award that you made your dress for. I missed that earlier on.I always enjoy your blog and feel guilty that I don't comment very often. I also appreciate the time it must take for you to keep it going.Good luck with SWAP, I'll be following you elsewhere on that!


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