2015 in Review

Happy New Year!

I am a bit late to the party but once again Gillian from Crafting A Rainbow has again encouraged us all to have a look at what we have achieved in 2015 and where we would like to go in 2016.

Top 5 of 2015

It has been another quiet year for me for my sewing, I seem to be missing the time in my sewing room before work, part is due to exercise but that is not every morning.

Sewing Hits

These are the pieces that I have constantly worn, or are favourite makes that due to the weather has resulted in very little wear so far.

KS 3740 long sleeve in orange swirls and short sleeves using yellow slub jersey

Rose Hip Tights by Seamster Patterns
Jalie 2908 Jeans

and this one I can’t wait for it to get cooler to wear

Jalie 2320 cord jean jacket

Sewing Misses

There is only one and that is due to more adjustments that need to be made to make it more comfortable to wear, the Diane Von Frustenberg wrap dress

Highlights, Reflections and Goals


There are a few highlights this year, all sewing related but that is what I love to do.

1.  Spending a week with Claire Sheaffer for a week of Couture at Armidale

2.  Being a joint winner for the Pattern Review Jeans Contest which are above as I just love my Jalie Jeans.

3.  Having a fantastic week with my sewing buddies at the ASG Convention in Brisbane!


I have again this year taken my time to sew and after spending a week with Roberta Thompson at the ASG Convention in Brisbane this year, I know that I need to go back to some of Roberta’s notes from years ago.  Going back to basic steps when I want to work on a new pattern long before you cut the fabric e.g. the DVF wrap dress for instance.

I am also addicted to fabric, thankfully not as bad as last year but still too much fabric came in 32.8 when only 25.55 went out.  These figures are quite different to what was on this last sewing post as I have two items for hubby which I need to get photos of and then there are a number of new pieces in the stash that I haven’t shared, so it is time to come clean.


My goals for 2015 weren’t semi successful:

  1. Pants – well I am closer to what I want but not there yet.
  2. Sewing basics – short sleeve summer tops, well I have made two but they aren’t really work appropriate.
  3. Enter a Contest – two this year at Pattern Review, the jeans above and the Kate Top which I entered for the last contest of the year.

and for 2016,

  1. Yes pants again this year!
  2. Lingerie – I really want to make my own.
  3. I enjoy entering contests so lets see if my plans can be completed.
  4. Not sewing but knitting it is what I do when I can’t take my sewing machine so I want to learn Picking (Knitting) instead of Throwing and to have a garment knitted.
Most importantly I want to thank everyone who visits my blog and leaves comments.  If you are having problems commenting please let me know as I believe there have been some issues with Blogger, my email address is under my complete profile.
Finally here is the annual collage of my makes for 2015.

5 thoughts on “2015 in Review

  1. I surmised that you had not had as much time to sew in 2015 – let's hope you have a bit more time this year.I like all your makes, it's a great pity about the wrap dress – but as you say, a good lesson in remembering and practising the basic principles – which we all tend to skip when we become a bit too confident, or maybe time short.Good luck on all your goals – will follow pants and lingerie with interest (the right sort, of course!)


  2. Anonymous

    You had such a good year! I'm surprised about the DVF dress as I've made this one and didn't have any issues, so it's a shame that the fit isn't right. I am very much looking forward to seeing your 2016 makes. I am fascinated by the \”picking\” method of knitting. I am a die hard thrower. I need to check this out as I am currently knitting a jumper that is basically all moss stitch.


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