Me Made May 2017 – Another Year

has passed and I do find that May does make me look at my wardrobe in a different way, not just grab the combinations I am familiar with, but to try and change them up and wear garment combinations that I haven’t or don’t normally wear.

One of the garments that I was very pleased to wear was my couture dress which was finished to wear on Day 5 but at this stage that is the only photo I have managed to get so I promise a lot more information and photos will appear.

An item that Jean from Sew Jean Margaret talked about were her merino layers and as a cold frog this is something that I need to look into further.  In fact I know I have the pale coloured merino in the stash and my TNT knit t-shirt will be the perfect base.

Once again May has highlighted that I need more tops, either to replace those that are finally getting too old or plain tops so I can wear my denim jacket and those two jackets from Dilliander which now the weather is getting colder will certainly come in handy.

In part I did get 3 tops made in May, one striped and two plain so I am on my way to fixing the top issue.

Finally if you would like to see any of the photos in more detail, here is a link to my Flicker album and I also now have in instagram account petitieandsewing  where I posted my daily outfits.

5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017 – Another Year

  1. I enjoy seeing how you (and everyone else) puts together their wardrobes during MMMay. I'll vouch for the merino layers – I live in mine throughout winter, under absolutely everything. I get my merino fabric from The Fabric Store (stores in Sydney and Brisbane who are so very helpful and will post out samples if you phone them up) and it's such lovely quality and snuggly to wear.


  2. I agree, this wardrobe just goes together so efficiently. You look lovely and like yourself in all of the photos. I'm also on a tops kick right now though summer ones in my case.


  3. Your wardrobe is so cohesive Sharon, and there has obviously been a lot of thought and planning gone into it's creation. The merino layers will work a treat and keep you nice and warm without adding bulk. It was lovely to follow along with you this year.


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