I’ve got pockets! Make a Garment a Month – August completed!

The track pants I made back in April have been in high rotation with the cold winter mornings we have been experiencing.

It was time to make another pair!

I found this useful tutorial that helped me draft a slanted pocket and then I found this great fat quarter in my stash for the pocket bags as I didn’t want the extra bulk of 3 layers of fleece on my thighs.

To stop the pockets from bagging I used some cotton twill tape along the edge of the pocket when I attached them to the front pant piece.

Are we going for a walk?

Hurry up Mark!

Next time I will make the pocket bag a bit bigger, but at least now I can carry my phone and keys with me when I take Roscoe for his walk.

2014 Stash Out: 26.75 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

11 thoughts on “I’ve got pockets! Make a Garment a Month – August completed!

  1. Love a contrast fabric. Thanks for the tutorial link, my kids are wanting pockets in their trackies next winter – i was wondering how long i would get away without putting any in!


  2. Anonymous

    The colour of these looks great with the charcoal grey top. Now I've conquered my knit fears, I really must put my mind to sewing some gym stuff 🙂


  3. Perfect with pockets! Having seen your first cosy pair and now looking out the window at our very grey wet cold windy weather these will be a fab addition for early morning walks and keeping your hands warm too.


  4. A good idea to use a lighter weight woven inside the fleecy – I tend to do that as well. Also, it just adds a little something to the garment, that doesn't say Tracky Dags. The pockets smarten the pants up so nicely.


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