Chain Maille – Captive

I am intrigued by Chain Maille and the different weaves and designs you can achieve using jump rings.

I have made one previous necklace using the Byzantine Weave and at Zilchbeads they had on display a Captive Inverted Round Maille weave necklace that I was curious to learn.
This time I took this fabric (it hadn’t been made into the top then) and chose the antique jump rings and some very bright orange beads, which interestingly enough are toned down quite a bit when captured.
The necklace is a combination of stringing and Chain Maille and once you get into the rhythm it goes together quite quickly.
Only this last weekend I managed to make the earrings to go with it, I had pinned this captive earring and then did my own take on it.
and here is what the full set looks like.

Now to work on some spring/summer styles.

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