A new top!

I have a new top for the wardrobe, it is another version of KS 3740 which I have made quite a number of times already.

For this version I have:

  • added a FBA of 1.5cm.
  • reduced the cuff width by 1cm
  • removed 1.5cm from the shoulder seam

These changes will now be in all future versions.

I purchased this fabric from Kerryn’s Fabric World back in July 2010, so it has been slowly maturing in the stash.

The neckline is raised by 4cm from the original neckline and I have again played with my coverstitch machine to do the neck binding.

Not much else to say about this top so here are the photos.

No doubt you will see more of KS 3740!

2014 Stash Out: 25.45 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

10 thoughts on “A new top!

  1. A well stashed piece Sharon – the fabric suits your nicely. As does the top – it certainly is a nice top with or without the cowl (I've just looked at all your earlier versions).


  2. Love this print Sharon, I'm always impressed at how you manage to find such great fabrics while sticking to your colour palette! Meanwhile I've had a top cut out in this pattern for months and still haven't got around to sewing it!


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