Cream Boat Neck t-shirt – May Garment a Month – Completed

So much for my commitment of finishing this top in May, it has been sitting on my ironing board waiting for the hems to be done for quite a few weeks.

I have previously made this top a couple of times and found that I needed a plain cream top (or two) in my wardrobe.

One thing Burda tells you do with this top is to turn and hem both necklines, then join the shoulders. Now trying to get the topstitching to line up this way has really given me a lot of grief.

This time I sewed the shoulders seams, pressed under the hem around the neck edge, hand basted it in place and then used my coverstitch to do the topstitching.

To turn the corner, you hand raise the needles, so that one of them is free and the other is just in the fabric, this lets you turn the neckline around that sharp corner (sorry I forget to take photos).

Roscoe has managed to be in all the photos, he would not leave my side as I had said the magic word to him “work” which means he comes with me to the office for the day and just loves it!!  I need to remember to tell him after my photo session!

This photos does show that I need to a FBA on this pattern and stop denying it, but it isn’t as noticeable in the patterned fabrics.

2014 Stash Out: 14.7 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

7 thoughts on “Cream Boat Neck t-shirt – May Garment a Month – Completed

  1. I frequently ignore some of Burda's instructions and do it my way. Still you persevered and came up with a lovely top.I have noticed that Sandra Betzina has a Tee that has bust darts – I am going to try that one day, I still think a bit of bust shaping is needed even in Tee's. (SB pattern in Vogue Patterns catalogue).


  2. I've had some cream knit fabric out for a whole to make a similar basic but very useful top but haven't got around to it at all! I agree that doing the neckline after the shoulder seams is best – this isn't a child's top after all


  3. I thought it was just me that procrastinated over hems! I've got the Coverpro out and everything ready but still have no interest!An FBA??? Who would've thought! LOL


  4. What weird and difficult instructions from Burda.This will be a real workhorse in your wardrobe. I really need to drag myself away from gaudy colours and to some great staples like this.Roscoe is such a cutie.


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