Activewear – Avocado Hoodie

I did it, I have sewn 5 garments this month, this is a first for me!

This is my last piece for the Mini Wardrobe competition, it is the Avocado Hoodie by Seamster Patterns.

With my other two tops being sleeveless, I thought I had better plan a layer piece and the hoodie seemed the perfect thing to make as I could play with the panels for some colour blocking.

The patterns is another downloadable one, and I know putting it together and tracing it off was one of my activities during my week at Thredbo last year 🙂

I traced off a Size 0 and then did the following adjustments:

*  1cm gaposis tuck for the front neckline and 1.5cm round shoulder adjustment on both back and front pattern pieces

*  1cm sway back (not sure why I didn’t do the extra 0.5cm)

I again used the brown Stella Cotton Elastomeric 10% Spandex that I have used for all the other pieces as well as the fabric leftover from this top for the hood lining and side panels.

Last Saturday at my ASG meeting I started to sew this hoodie and finished it on Tuesday night.

The directions are very good, except I had some difficulty with the sleeve cuff. The cuff seam is to meet the notch on the sleeve, however if I did this my cuff/sleeve twisted, so my cuff seam is 1.5cm from the sleeve seam and placed towards the front of the sleeve.

I wanted the hood to be a bit warmer, so I added a lining, cutting out another hood in the top fabric, sewing them together and then top stitching around the edge to keep it in place. I like the pop of colour near my face.

Are we going for my walk?

Okay let’s go!

I am thrilled with the way this Mini Wardrobe has come together, I don’t have to subscribe to the black pants that you find in RTW!

I am also taking this piece as my official completed garment for July!

2014 Stash Out: 24.1 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

18 thoughts on “Activewear – Avocado Hoodie

  1. Anonymous

    I am envious of your workout wardrobe – I need to get mine sorted out as I seem to wear random objects. You have done a splendid job.


  2. ALMOST makes me want to work out so I can have such a fabulous wardrobe. The hoodie is more my style though, the weights positively wore me out. You do lose brownie points for pink (?) joggers.


  3. Anonymous

    Super impressed by your mini workout wardrobe. I've just completed my first knit item, so have such a project in my sights. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  4. Love how these pieces are all coordinated, your trademark I know but they do look wonderful together (and individually)… you will be walking Roscoe and exercising in style!! Bravo on getting them finished so quickly too 🙂


  5. This is quite an achievement, I must say. It must have taken some dedication and determination, I do like the Avocado Hoodie – the touch of colour on the panels and in the hood absolutely makes it 🙂


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