2009 – Sewing Wrap-up

Hoping you all had a fantastic New Year and wishing you plenty of sewing in 2010!!

Well where did 2009 go?

I’ve been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately and seeing what everyone has achieved in the past year.

I really had no idea of what I had completed and this is where having my blog does come in handy as I know that I have shared with you each of my accomplishments. So what was the total – 9 garments, namely:

2 x Dresses
3 x Pants
4 x Tops

Unfortunately there is a dress and a skirt that should be included in this count except they haven’t been hemmed. For some reason this part of the sewing process seems to be a stumbling block for me.

Favourite Garment

This is the one that I wore the most and it would be The Stripey Top that I wore to work with trousers and skirts and then on the weekend with my jeans, it is such a versatile top. Thank you again DS for sending me the fabric.


  • Sewing with sewing buddies.
  • Going fabric shopping with my sewing buddies.
  • Having a great overseas holiday with DH and buying fabric LOL.

2010 Sewing Goals

  • Complete 1 garment a month,
  • Complete at least one competition either at Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review.

2010 has started off nicely as I have just finished a top, will share soon.