#OWOP – Kwik.Sew 3740

It is on again this year and is being hosted by Hannah from Cinderellis Sews from Saturday 10 September to Friday 16 September 2016,

and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me that I have chosen Kwik.Sew 3740 as my pattern.

This is my go to TNT knit top, and I have made numerous versions, some of which have worn out completely.

Here is the week’s worth, not necessarily in the right date order.

This is as per the pattern, no changes made.

Orange Swirls
This is as per the pattern, no changes made.

Lemon T-Shirt and Cardigan
The lemon t-shirt has had the neckline raised by 2cm.
The cardigan is my t-shirt pattern with the front pattern not cut on the fold and the edges turned under 1cm.

Chartreuse, grey and ink navy
This top has had the neckline raised by 2cm.

Blue and Gold Swirls
This top has had the neckline raised by 3cm.

Orange arrow
This top has had the neckline raised by 4cm.

Red, Coffee, cream cowl top
This is as per the pattern, no changes made.

I have got a few more versions that I want to play with for summer so expect to see a lot more of this pattern.

Hannah also organised some fantastic prizes for this week and I found out on the 2nd day that I had won a Colette pattern, now to make a decision.

#OWOP – One Week One Pattern – Self Drafted TNT Skirt

I have again signed up for the One Week, One Pattern challenge hosted by Jane where we wear a single pattern for every day of the week.

Before I committed I did a count of what patterns I had used the most of, and it was a close call between KS 3740 and my Self Drafted TNT Skirt.  I did contemplate using both patterns for the week, but bad laundry management didn’t allow this to happen.

So this is how I have worn my Self Drafted TNT Skirts for the week.

Green jean styled skirt:
I love this skirt but seriously need to get some more tops to go with, especially for summer!

Brown linen skirt (pre blog):
As you can probably tell from the pictures, this skirt is on its last legs, you only have to look at it and it creases and has been moved from the work wardrobe to weekend wear.

Navy wool skirt:
This skirt has turned into a workhorse over winter and I look forward to getting more wear out of it during the warmer months.

Brown wool skirt:
I am in two minds about this skirt, it is a lovely fine wool, but I feel it needs a bit more structure for a skirt.  I plan on making another at some point as I still have quite a bit of this left and plan on underlining it to see if that will give it the look I am after.

Brown suede skirt:
You can’t crease this skirt, it is brilliant – just wash and wear and I can roll it up into a tiny ball in a suitcase and you are none the wiser!

The navy wool skirt and brown linen skirts both got repeated to finish off the week.

This pattern has been a real workhorse for me, it has been used to make skirts, check the fit other skirts (Vogue 1247) and even dresses to make sure the hip curve or lack of is the same!

Look what the postman delivered

last week, my 5 Simplicity Patterns that I mentioned here

Yes, they were in a plastic bag, taped very well and it looks like they came via the internal mail who then put some postage on it and this is how it arrived.  At least they couldn’t get wet which was a good thing.

Here are the patterns that my sister and I chose:

2599 – Misses’ Top with trim variations.
2475 – Amazing Fit Skirt.
 2154 – Misses’/Miss Petite Blouse, Skirt, Jacket and Knit Cardigan.
2284 – Misses’/Miss Petite Lined Jacket (for my sister).
1886 – Misses’ Top with trim variations (for my sister).

Thank you Tilly and the Buttons for the chance to win these patterns.

Did you know that Simplicity/New Look is offering a discount on their patterns to the Me Made May ’12 participants – they are certainly promoting themselves to sewing groups.

One Week, One Pattern

This is the last day of OWOP that Tilly and the buttons organised and I chose to work with Vogue 8572 (OOP), my go to blouse .  Luckily this year I have made two more blouses so I had 4  to work with over the 7 days – 3 x  short sleeves and 1 x 3/4 sleeve.

Here are the 7 days of wearing blouse Vogue 8572.

Even though I have said this after each Me Made month, I still don’t have enough necklaces or scarves to help make my outfits look different, this is something I really do need to work harder on getting organised.

On Monday I couldn’t help but notice these guys,

two Rainbow Lorikeets, aren’t they beautiful.  Thankfully Roscoe doesn’t mind these birds, but chases the Indian Miners that invade the yard.

Not sure why my sewing assistant was so determined to get in the photos this week, maybe he has been checking out Sienna.