Look what the postman delivered

last week, my 5 Simplicity Patterns that I mentioned here

Yes, they were in a plastic bag, taped very well and it looks like they came via the internal mail who then put some postage on it and this is how it arrived.  At least they couldn’t get wet which was a good thing.

Here are the patterns that my sister and I chose:

2599 – Misses’ Top with trim variations.
2475 – Amazing Fit Skirt.
 2154 – Misses’/Miss Petite Blouse, Skirt, Jacket and Knit Cardigan.
2284 – Misses’/Miss Petite Lined Jacket (for my sister).
1886 – Misses’ Top with trim variations (for my sister).

Thank you Tilly and the Buttons for the chance to win these patterns.

Did you know that Simplicity/New Look is offering a discount on their patterns to the Me Made May ’12 participants – they are certainly promoting themselves to sewing groups.

Look what the Postie delivered

JoAnns in the US regularly have Simplicity Patterns $5 for $5 which is just unbelievable. Even with our exchange rate and postage I received 5 patterns for $20 Australian Dollars, you can’t get patterns that cheap here even with the sales on.

One of the main reasons I was keen to get my hands on these patterns was that at Pattern Review they were having a Simplicity 2603 Cardi sew-along and after watching the video and seeing it made up by all sorts of shapes and sizes and looking good on all, I felt this would be a good top layer for someone who is always cold.

Luckily for me one of the lovely ladies on Pattern Review offered to purchase the patterns on my behalf and post them to me.

So I ordered 2 of 2603, one for me and one for DS; DS wanted 2648 and I liked the look of this so ordered I ordered one myself as well and then Amanda from Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing made 3775 in a cute floral so thought I would add this to my pattern stash.

On Saturday I had to go to Spotlight to get some stretch sewing needles to sew my knit garments for the WiaW.

Of course I had just collected the patterns from the post office, so you never let an opportunity go buy to purchase fabric so I just had to check out what knit fabrics I could find and trying to keep away from brown I chose this turquoise “Dry Knit” Polyester/Spandex at $10.95m.

It does have a nice drape, but after purchasing it I did think that it may be a bit thick for the knot tying that goes with the various wearable variations of the cardigan. I did see a very nice patterned knit with the pattern on both sides that would be wonderful, just not sure if it would be too much in this style.

First of all I need to hem those pants.