Perfect for a summer’s day

Happy New Year, everyone.

I was surprised the other month when sorting out my stash, that I have quite a collection of blues.  They are in my colours and three pieces have materialised in my wardrobe – the cargo pants and then the navy pants and top during last year.

I then found some navy linen in my stash, Simplicity 2648 and inspiration from DrienPA on Pattern Review, I have completed the 2nd version of this dress.

I remembered seeing an article in Australian Stitches (Vol 19, Issue 7) that Alison, The Sewing Lady had written where she had constructed a Marfy jacket and then hand stitched around the jacket and pockets that looked like pickstitch.  Luckily for me Alison had adjusted this pattern for me, so I was able to contact her to find out a bit more detail on how to do the pickstitch on my dress.

The dress was cut out and the front (princess seams and waist) and back (darts and waist) pieces where sewn together (but not at the shoulders or side seams).   Then I,

  • Set up my Janome sewing machine with the G foot and a 4.0 twin needle.
  • Threaded the machine with a cream Gutterman thread, reduced the tension to 1.5 and the stitch length to 3.5 and needle position at 2.4.
  • Stitched from the armhole, lining the G foot guide along the princess seam and stitched all the way down both front princess seams, making sure that the stitches crossed the waist seam at the same point.  This gave me a good reference point for the pickstitch.
  • Then on Boxing Day, I threaded up a Size 24 Tapestry needle with Gutterman Topstitch thread 722 and proceeded to pickstitch using every 2nd stitch as my guide to bring the needle back up.
  • Carefully removed the Gutterman thread and gave the seams a good press.

    The rest of the dress went together pretty quickly.

      The dress is lined and has a lace hem and the back vent has a hong-kong finish to the edge.

      Then I found this necklace that needed to be reworked.

      After sitting all day

      Here is a close up of the pickstitch after the guide threads have been removed.

      I can see this dress will get a lot of wear.

      I’m estatic …

      I’ve got jeans that fit, no back gaposis, YES!!

      After being worn all day

       I have joined the ever increasing number of ladies who are loving the Jalie Stretch Jeans pattern 2908.

      Over at they had an online course back in August “Blue Prints to Blue Jeans” by Jennifer Stern, J. Stern Designs, this is just what I needed to get me organised to make up the Jalie Jeans pattern that has been in my stash for a while. 

      The amount of information that Jennifer has available for the course is amazing and her knowledge and willingness to assist with fitting issue to the course attendees on line was incredible.

      One of my sewing buddies from Alexandria Achievers was also doing the course and as I was away she offered to find some “toile” denim for us both and found these amazing remnants of white stretch denim from the Remnant Warehouse for both of us.

      I had these cut out in Size R when we had our “fitting session” with Angie Zimmerman back in August, so I took along my coverstitch machine and used the chain stitch to whip these up so Angie could fine tune them for me.

      The adjustments that Angie made were minor:
      –  take 1.5cm from the top of the back yoke back to the original pattern at the centre back notch (with the pattern pieces pinned together on the stitching lines)
      – deepen the back crotch curve

       and then the back waistband looks like this

      I also took 1cm off the width from the hem to the knee on both sides of the front and back patterns.

      Note:  I used 1.5cm seam allowances as I didn’t’ read the instructions !!

      It then took me to November to stitch these up when I packed them up to attend the ASG Bribie Island Sewing Retreat with my DM for my DS’s special birthday (how perfect time with family and sewing).

      They didn’t get finished at the weekend but at the ASG meeting at Rhodes a week later they were all but finished.  Hems done and dropped them into Mick’s for the buttonhole and rivets and here they are at the end of a days wear.

      Here is the pocket design which I copied the idea from the review that susiestitcher has on

      You will definitely be seeing more of the Jalie 2908 Jeans in the future, as well as the rascal below!!