I’m Hooked

I am finding the internet community such an inspiration, I think about sewing, am seeing what garments I want to make amongst my stash, sewing instead of watching TV and also to challenge myself with new techniques.

So I have signed on for another Sew Along.

Before I go any further I want my wonderful real life sewing buddies (and you all know who you are) to please understand that you are very dear to me and are great friends, and I couldn’t do as much sewing without you, however your contact on a daily basis just isn’t there, although I have noticed that two of you have joined me in this Sew Along.

It is on the Stitchers Guild site once again and the rules this time are:

  1. JCC sewers who completed the JCC but want to sew some additional pieces. These must co-ordinate with AT LEAST ONE item from the JCC.
  2. JCC sewers who DID NOT complete the JCC but want somewhere to sew along and show their pieces so they don’t lose momentum. Yes you can finish here 🙂
  3. JCC lurkers who love the capsule idea but didn’t take part in the JCC for whatever reason. As you have no JCC to add to, you need to choose something in your wardrobe that you sewed or purchased as a starting point, the first item you sew in July must co-ordinate with this, and the next with either.In any of the above cases you need to sew two items in July, and post photos or links in this thread so we can cheer you along.

    I’m in two minds about the no black, I’m all for continuing the ban as I think it has been very liberating, but I think we might say you can include black as long as its in a print or weave

I will Sew Along under No. 1 as I really want to make the shell top that I had planned for the JCC in the silk I purchased in China in April, but before I do this I want to fine tune the pattern I used for the Oyster Shell Top and plan to do this with a fabric I purchased (amongst a heap of others) at Kerryn’s Fabric World in July last year which will go with the skirt in my JCC and matches perfectly to another Channel jacket that is in the wardrobe.

One thought on “I’m Hooked

  1. I agree with you, Sharon. I\’ve been sewing for years and I\’ve never felt as inspired as I am now. I\’ve learned so much from other sewers online already. The biggest bonus so far has been seeing what other people do with patterns that I am planning to make. I love it!


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