WiaW – Prep Week

I’m almost ready!

I’ve cut out the black and burgundy wool pants and their lining and have pinned the darts and inner leg seams for the first sit down at the machine, also the bobbins have been wound for both and all the pieces are together in their zip lock bags with the invisible zips and threads.

The Burgundy Abstract Mesh Print Cross-over top is cut out after much fiddling to make sure there would be no bull-eye’s present once finished.

Trying to follow instructions on how to adjust your knit t-shirt pattern to create a cowl collar is not the easiest thing to do at night after work, but at last I got the pattern finished last night and might try and sew up a quick toile tonight before I cut into the Mauve Merino Wool.

2 thoughts on “WiaW – Prep Week

  1. I hadn't thought to wind bobbins! I will do that tonight. I've made two tops using the Stitches cowl idea and it works really well. I didn't do the gathers in the front as they did, but it works just the same. Looking forward to seeing how your WIAW garments come out.


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