Not quite finished

With all the good intentions, my plans didn’t work out for WiaW.

DH came home with a cold last week and by Friday I was thanking my lucky stars that I had’t managed to get it, unfortunately I came down with the sore throat and stuffy head that night.

I had managed to sew the Black and Burgundy Wool pants during the week after some major frog stitching and letting the seams out, and these are up to the hemming stage for both the pants and their linings.

The Mauve cross over top was next on the list. This is the first time I have sewn mesh and I have learnt a few things maybe about this mesh in particular e.g. when I sewed the Seams Great around the neckline I usually pull this reasonably tight to prevent gaposis, however after I had coverstitched the tape under, the side seams didn’t line up, so frog stitching again, the coverstitch is quick to unpick once you find the looper thread but the zig zag I used for the Seams Great took forever. Second attempt was much more successful until this afternoon.

I have learnt a very large lesson – do not to touch the overlocker when I’m not feeling 100%.

When I first did the coverstitch hem on the neckline of the cross over top it just wasn’t working so I logged onto Pattern Review – Sergers, Coverstitch and Blindhemmers Message Boards and I found under Vonnevo’s Tips to use the Bostik BluStik to glue down the hems and once dry this gives the mesh enough body for the coverstitch and it washes out in the wash. It worked brilliantly.

The plan is to finish the pants and make up the mauve cowl neck top and take my mesh top to the next ASG day to see if any of the ladies there can show me a creative way to fix this.

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