Sewing Room

My sewing room is also our guest bedroom and gets used for this purpose around twice a year and has a double bed taking up a large amount of room in a small area. I have been discussing this with DH for a while and he designed a way for the bed to be raised against one wall.

This made my day on Sunday when he finally installed it (Roscoe just had to check out the extra space). I have soooo much more room to move around and I am still playing around with the poistioning of things but am rather restricted by doors, windows, French doors and the buit-in wardrobe but I am still smiling from ear to ear when I walk in the door.

Here is how it is set up at present.

This is where I think the cutting table will live and the slats on the bed base could be used for hanging my rulers from and I can also see it would be useful for draping fabric from for picture taking.

Now in the corner are my sewing machines on a Horn Cabinet. This is the next thing I want to find a solution for. I have a Janome Memory Craft 3500, Janome CP 1000 and my old faithful Singer 14u 34B basic overlocker. In the wardrobe is my old Janome JD1818 which is a great back-up machines. Now the Horn Cabinet worked very well when I only had two machines, but now when I want to sew knits I use the three machines for various sections and I am finding it very frustrating rearranging the three machines so I can sew. I would dearly love a corner type desk that will hold the 3 machines and then get some moveable drawers for underneath for storage that can be hidden when guests come and move out into the room when I want to sew.

On the opposite wall is the built-in-wardrobe. Half of this has my fabrics, magazines and books in and the other half is the linen cupboard (can’t find anywhere else to put this). I have even started putting some fabrics in boxes on the top of the wardrobe.

Now one thing I will miss is that the double bed provided a very large flat area that I could lay out all my bits and pieces on, however I don’t think this will cause me too much grief.

7 thoughts on “Sewing Room

  1. Anonymous

    Hi SharonI haven't looked at your site for about 2 weeks and can't believe what you have been doing, sewing, redecorating, patterns, fabric, fantastic. Your room looks great and sew usable, yahoo for high ceilings. I can understand why you are grinning. Your pants and top look fabulous, I am sure someone will know what to do with the small oops on the top, it looks great on your body double. Lee-Anne


  2. Anonymous

    I am sewwww envious! DH is getting a view of your blog tonight before you come over tomorrow so I can hassle him about mine (the upstairs that doesn't exist yet).Luisa


  3. Great to get a peek in your sewing room! I envy your storage cupboards, I have asked my DH to install some shelves for me and I am going to buy a set of drawers – will have the shelves above them. Storage in the house in general, is a problem! still, I can always find my fabric Lol!


  4. My sewing room is the guest room, too, and I've been toying with the idea of ditching the bed and getting a sofa bed. As for sewing bench space, I wouldn't recommend buying a desk because the bits that hold it together are never in the right place (I'm always bashing my legs). Have a carpenter construct a frame in situ and put a bench top on it. That way you can have simple framing and supports in the right spots for your needs. You can buy small rollaway drawers that can move around to suit you as well. Plus, it's probably cheaper than buying a desk. Shame about your top getting caught in the overlocker. I really like the fabric.


  5. Your sewing room looks better than mine. I have to put away my sewing machine when I want to cut my patterns/material b/c my table is the only table I have in my craft room to do the work. It's such a pain. I'm also wanting to do Simplicity 2603 after seeing the video. I can't wait to see your version!


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