I’ve been a bit naughty lately …

It first started with Pattern Review having a 20% off pattern sale for their members and seeing I had been very tempted by a few Jalie patterns I just couldn’t resist.

2921 Scarf Collar Top and 2919 Pleated Cardigan and Vest

as well as 965 T-Shirt and Camisoles and 2216 Cycling Jersey for Mark.

I am also toying with the idea of buying fabric online, especially when the dollar is good (maybe not right now though) and have noticed that some of the fabric stores put the Pantone numbers that are similar to the colour of the fabric on their site. You guessed it, after following a link on someones blog I found Fire Mountain Gem and Beads for the Pantone Shopping/Color Guide which has 1,757 colors to choose from. Unfortunately I have since heard that Pantone are not making this any more and I can’t find it on the Fire Mountain website either.

Then I have been admiring SewingYLD Marfy garments and this is what landed in my post box

Their 2010/2011 Catalogue which includes 10 free patterns.

I need to learn how to grade down 1 or 2 sizes for all of these patterns, but I really love the style of all of the garments. Now which one do I start with?

7 thoughts on “I’ve been a bit naughty lately …

  1. Anonymous

    I discovered the Pantones colour swatch too late as well. The Marfy catalogue looks absolutely divine. I've made the cycling jersey a few times for DH, as well as the set for DS (then aged 6, SOO CUTE! Took him to Sydney Olympic Park, all these hardened road warriors all smiled and waved to him!) Still use the pattern to make running pants for son now aged 9. Cat1


  2. Those Jalie tops are great! I have that Pantone color deck and really like it. It makes it easy to distinguish between a coral-ly red and a magenta red. Reds are usually HORRIBLE on computer monitors! It's not naughty as long as you sew them up!


  3. Mmm, I must admit I've been coveting two of the Jalie patterns and I am sure they will look brilliant on you.I am very much looking forward to seeing your first foray into Marfy. If you find your bottom half easier to fit than the top half, as I tend to do, can I vote for the skirt with the interesting waist band? Its a reasonably simple one to start with and its really cute and quite a useful basic shape. Though I admit the dress with the insets is divine and I think would suit you well.


  4. Oooh. They are all really worthwhile purchases. I agree that you've only just dabled. I was driving through marrickville and Mum noticed a fabric store that was closing down. I'm still thinking of driving back there to have a look.


  5. It is becoming more and more difficult to resist that pleated front Jalie top. I can resist the cycling jersey pattern though, that looks like slogging selfless work to me!I don't think you are approaching naughty yet. You would need a lot more patterns……


  6. I have been seriously thinking about those top two Jalie patterns. Marfy's are gorgeous I agree, but too much detail for my plain Jane vibe. I bet you can pull of the detail though as you are small and perfectly formed and have the seamstress skills to back it up. Excited to see what you will make.


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