A quick top

I’ve been admiring Alison’s top and finally bit the bullet and got myself Kwik.Sew 3740 and this fabric was just asking to be made up in it.

This is a very quick top, I traced off the pattern on the Saturday afternoon, and did my normal pattern adjustments:

  • Round shoulder
  • High Round back
  • Front neck gaposis, including this adjsutment in the cowl pattern as well.

On Sunday, after playing around with the fabric pattern placement, I cut it out, and stitched it up with my overlocker and it was ready for hemming that afternoon. Yes, it then took me another week to do the hems but here I am wearing it to work.

Back view

This fabric is very heavy, so I have added a ribbon across the back neck to try and keep in on my shoulders as it keeps falling off them.

I really like how they do the cowl with this pattern, you can’t see where it joins, the bodice and I top stitched the neck/cowl seam so it would stay under.

This is a great top and I can see quite a few in my wardorbe.

9 thoughts on “A quick top

  1. Anonymous

    The colour is different for you and I think it looks great. I really like the look of the top and think it suits you and am sure you will get a lot of wear. Well Done. LW


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