Green Gable

When I saw Amanda’s cute knitted summer top I just had to find out where I could get it.

I purchased the Green Gable pattern by Rachel Bishop from the wool shack who are suppliers of the Zephyr Style knitting patterns here in Australia and they recommended Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton.

I started this in October 2010, so you can see that I’m not a fast knitter.

This pattern had a few firsts for me:

1. Knitting in the round
2. Knitting from the top down

Thankfully YouTube helped me out with the backward loop cast on, otherwise I would have never got there.

This is the second item of chartreuse (although Jo Sharp calls it Cactus) that I have bought into the house.

I love the lace at the neckline and have just about finished a lovely summer skirt to go with it – just in time for winter.

10 thoughts on “Green Gable

  1. You look wonderful in your new sweater. The color suits you. I may have to knit a version for myself (that is if summer ever comes to Minnesota!)


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Sharon your top looks great, I am very impressed that you can knit, sew and bead and everything works together, well done.Lee-Anne


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