MMJ Day 3

Claudine one of the participants from Me-Made-June has suggested that each Friday we all have our pictures taken doing the same thing, so today we are all spinning.

When this was first mentioned, I knew I didn’t have a full winter skirt made by me, then realised I had purchased one with a co-ordinating top from Diana Ferrari which is one of my usual combination of garments. So seeing I couldn’t wear them together, it took a little while standing in front of the wardrobe, for this outfit to appear.

Top: Simplicity 2603 top with sleeves added (blogged here) in a brown merino wool
Skirt: Diana Ferrari purchased in 2009
Accessories: Necklace and earrings Made-by-Me this year: belt purchased from Diana Ferrari.
Boots: Betts 2 Buckles in brown leather.

Wish the fence would stopped moving

This year I signed up for a beading course and have made a few pieces in class and need to get organised to make a few more at home. This was my first class which consisted of a necklace, earrings and bracelet (the necklace was too long so a bonus bracelet) and it is what I am wearing in the above photos.

Today was the first day that I had to really think about mixing up the usual combination of my outfits and I am very happy with the outcome.

3 thoughts on “MMJ Day 3

  1. I'm surprised that the top and the skirt weren't an established \”set\” for you. They are perfect together!! And the jewellery picks up those dusky pinks so nicely!


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