The beauty of TNT’s

As I mentioned yesterday I finished two tops.

The first is BWOF 02-2009-108 which I first made here and was another garment that was supposed to go the USA with me.

So during last week, I had stabilised the shoulders, turned and cover stitched the neck edges, sewed the shoulder seams and pinned in the sleeves. It didn’t take long to get this to the hemming stage on Saturday.

I didn’t take my cover stitch machine to the Guild Meeting so the hems were left until I got home.

Even though I have made this before I hadn’t realised the fit issues and when I make it again (yes I love the style) I will adjust the shoulder width and add more depth to the armholes.

The second is Kwik Sew 3740 which I first made here and this top gets worn a lot, I just love it.

This fabric I purchased from Joann’s during my trip to the USA this year, and it is the 3rd piece of fabric from the right on the bottom row. What you can’t see is the large circles that are on this fabric. This took a bit of careful cutting and I hope I am happy with the placement when I finally wear this top.

The beauty of this top is that I cut it out on Saturday morning while I was waiting for my sewing buddy to arrive so we could travel together. I will admit that trying to pin the cowl on at 2pm in the afternoon is not a good idea, however with my sewing buddies giving that small tip, it suddenly became very clear. This top was also finished up to hemming stage by the time we left on Saturday.

So tonight after dinner (confession time, I fell asleep on the lounge last night) I pressed and glued the hems in place and then cover stitched them in place.

My apologies for the hanger shot, however it won’t be long before you see them being worn in Me-Made-June.

4 thoughts on “The beauty of TNT’s

  1. Anonymous

    I am really enjoying your Made by Me month. I just ran through your week and your look has changed each day – well done. I particularly like Sunday when you changed your top and the entire look, you also look really happy. I love your jewellery. Well done 2 tops in one day. I am inpsired


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