MMJ Day 14

Well back at work and it was a bit hectic this morning, not organised at all.

Blouse: Marfy 2254 blouse from Day 9.
Trouser: Custom made trousers from Day 1
Jacket: Chanel Style jacket from Day 9
Boots: Nine West Boots

I really need to rethink this outfit, it is identical from Day 9 if I am sitting at my desk, so back to the drawing board with this one.

Sue, here is a closer look at the crocheted necklace I wore on the weekend.

4 thoughts on “MMJ Day 14

  1. You have a wonderful collection of coats and jackets. I really love your Chanel style jacket here. I have one that I made a few years ago, and I rarely wear it! I really should get it out, yours is so inspiring!


  2. Love that necklace! How frustrating about having to rethink an outfit because it looks the same when sitting at your desk! Maybe accessories? Good luck! I'm enjoying your me made challenge this month!


  3. That Chanel jacket is very smart – it is interesting to see how others style their me-made clothes.So did you make the necklace yourself? Any details?


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