What size is that Jacket in the Window

The other week on my way to the Bank I walked past the local St Vincents and just had to go in and try on the jacket that they had displayed in the window. It has now been dry cleaned and here is its debut.

Top: BWOF 02-2009-108 in coffee jersey which you say on Day 18.
Skirt: Self drafted skirt in a green/cream tweed polyester (blogged here)
Jacket: Thrifted Barometer Tweed Jacket
Accessory: Necklace made by a friend which you saw on Day 1.
Boots: Nine West

I don’t have a jacket in this colour so I will be very interested to see how versatile it is with the other pieces in my wardrobe.

9 thoughts on “What size is that Jacket in the Window

  1. I like it very much and it is perfect for your wardrobe. I have incorporated an op shop tweed jacket into my wardrobe this season, too. I haven't actually worn it yet, so I might just do that tomorrow.


  2. OOh nice jacket, It works beautifully with your colouring and looks to fit nicely. I think you could wear it with lots of things in the sage/khaki, cream, burnt ornage type family.


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