Wonderful company and a great day

Today was the ASG’s Industry Day at Simplicity Patterns at Revesby.

Industry Days give me the opportunity to catch up with other members who I don’t get to see so often and to listen to the guest speakers and purchase the goodies that are available.

This is Simplicity’s Distribution warehouse, it is not designed for warmth, so you have to layer up as it can be freezing, although this year the Committee organised some great gas heaters for us.

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in coffee/grey/cream knit which you saw on Day 20.
Trouser: Vogue 9537 modified in black denim (blogged here)
Cardigan: Me-Made knitted Shawl Collar Jacket in Touch Possum Yarn which you saw on Day 16 and 22.
Coat: McCall’s 8522 in aubergine cashmere wool (not seen) which you saw on Day 13.
Accessory: Purchased gold band choker with pearl disc and purchased earrings
Boots: Betts Marathon

There were 3 speakers during the day:

John from Simplicity talked about the new patterns and the new products that are heading our way and most importantly had wonderful specials for all of us to enjoy.

Renee Wedell’s career in haute couture dressmaking was amazing to listen to and to find out that she made clothes for Audrey Hepburn and other famous people during this time was amazing. Renee showed us some of her beautiful work.

Jodie Carlton once again had us in stitches and her cute toys were passed around for us all to admire her skills.

I was a very restrained and didn’t purchase any fabric from Chic Fabrique who came along for the day or any patterns, but I was tempted by the Burda Tissue Paper at $5 per pack.

We were also given a lucky door ticket as we arrived and I was lucky enough to win a packet of fabric which consisted of:

* 1.5 metres of Martin & Savage Gold viscose polyester
* 1.5 metres of Martin & Savage Crush Gold viscose polyester

I do have a formal dinner to go to next month which this fabric would be perfect for (once I worked out what pattern to use LOL), but not sure if I have enough hours in the day to get it done.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful company and a great day

  1. Interesting that they still have Style on the sign. Also $5 for Burda tracing paper and this is considered cheap? Wow, last time I bought some it was approx. $3.50. Luckily I stocked up. 🙂


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