I’m still here ….

How did we get to the end of October so quickly, I can’t believe how fast this year is going.

I haven’t managed to get any sewing done this month but I did have the wonderful PR weekend to attend with so many wonderful ladies and thought I had better follow up my promise of the Self Stitched September Wrap Up.

Even though it is a bit of work, I really do enjoy participating in the Self Stitched groups as it forces me to not take the easy option each morning by just pulling out the regular outfit for work, but to have to mix it up and make it look different has shown me that even though my wardrobe is small I can still get quite a lot of different looks.

I did receive a couple of questions about the Kerry Linen I used in my shirtmaker from RebeccaHoward and kbenco and hopefully I can help.

The Kerry Linen was purchased mainly for the fact that I was looking for a linen for the shirtmaker dress and the colour just had to come home with me.

I do love linen, but all my other pieces (brown dress and skirts) are either lined with Sunsilky or underlined/lined with Sunsilky which reduces the wrinkles in the linen during the day but of course it doesn’t completely stop them, which is okay by me.

The shirtmaker is the first linen garment I have that is not lined. I feel it wears reasonably well and here are some late night, terrible photos to try and show how it looks after being worn all day.

Looking at these wrinkles, they are no worse than the 100% linen garments that I have lined, so I can see more Kerry Linen making its way into my stash wardrobe.

Now here is the collage of my outfits for the month of September.

And you know I said I was getting in the car for a 6 hour drive on the last day of September, well this is what I woke up to, big fat snowflakes!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that November will see me and my sewing machine spending some quality time together.

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