Twas the week before Christmas

and I decided to make some Christmas presents.

Luckily they were all very quick to make and I had some great tutorials to follow to achieve this.

We have 5 nieces and nephews between us that we give gift vouchers to each year and after seeing this great Gift Card Holder Tutorial by Shabby Art Boutique I thought I would use it this year.

My first problem is there are 3 young men amongst the above and I don’t imagine they would be too thrilled with the very pretty holders that are shown in the tutorial. Luckily Kerryanne emailed me and suggested checking out the op shop for some “manly” options, where I found these very appropriate board shorts. for $3.

Once home I proceeded to cut them up for the men, as well as rummaging through my bag of scraps to find the more colourful pieces to use for the ladies, I found the cute Christmas figures at Spotlight for $2. I am very pleased with the end result.

Next up was 2 sets of 12 Christmas Tree Napkins that Kathryn made back in 2010 for my Mum and Sister-In-Law as we spend Christmas day with both of them (1/2 hour apart) each year.

Finally a necklace for my Mum using the colours of the fabric she purchased whilst in Bowral this year, and my Sister volunteered to make it into a skirt for Mum.

Now back to some sewing for me.

9 thoughts on “Twas the week before Christmas

  1. These are so cool . I love the idea of using op shop boardies for the boy gift voucher bags. I must admit that I am rather looking forward to gift vouchers as my nieces approach teenager-hood, they must be quicker than little tops or dresses!


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