New Blouses and a change of plan.

The blouses that I referred to in my last post about the SWAP, are now finished. I met up with my sewing buddies yesterday and they levelled the hem on the Navy/Gold/Brown blouse for me and I stitched and pressed it last night.

Burnt Orange Blouse

This is the burnt orange blouse and by the looks of it I need to lower all the darts however that is an easy fix for any future versions. I took off an additional 1.5 cm on the neckline for this version and now need to work out more jewellery to wear with this top.

Navy/Gold/Brown Blouse

This remnant of silk was purchased during our trip to Paris in 2009 and I have been working up the courage to cut into it. I really don’t know why it took me so long, it was lovely to sew with, just a nightmare to match the pattern 😦

I used a bias strip of the silk to bind the neck edge and I’m very pleased at how this has turned out.

Both blouses have an invisible zip in the left side seam.

SWAP Plans

So much for the Navy Jacket.  When I laid out the material I couldn’t fit both the jacket and skirt on the piece I had left. Even though I really wanted the jacket (and I spent hours trying to get it to fit) I realised that a skirt would get a lot more wear as I have another 2 tops in my wardrobe that are orphans at present. So Vogue 7937 Skirt View A has been cut out and I’m now searching my patterns for a vest pattern.

Now back to sewing jeans.

11 thoughts on “New Blouses and a change of plan.

  1. What a lovely tops! I particularly love the brown-golden-blue fabric, I think it looks classy with white jeans, this ensemble could take you anywhere.Thank you for your comment on my blog. The dress has a back zip indeed, and it was only the second time when I was completely happy with how I managed the invisible zip /sigh/, another reason to hibernate about unstitching it.


  2. Those two tops are simply lovely! And your bias trim on the printed blouse is sheer sewing perfection (sigh)What great plans you have for the swap. I wish I was half so well organised 🙂


  3. your SWAP is turning out wonderfully. – these colours really suit you. Silk from Paris – very special !- I can see why you hesitated in using it – another trip to Paris should now be in the pipeline.


  4. I'd be a bit nervous cutting into some beautiful fabric I bought in Paris too, it's not like you can just pop out and grab some more! Your tops are lovely, really love the orange.


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