SWAP Stripes

I’ve decided to make 2 knit tops for my SWAP, so here is the first which is another version of KS 3740 with the higher neckline.

This is the first time I have worked with stripes and it did take some serious pining to get those stripes to line up so I could cut out this fabric as well as to sew the seams.

I saw on the Vivienne Files a great t-shirt in this wardrobe (In the bag picture) which I rather liked and was thrilled that I had a very similar fabric which I had purchased from Knitwit’s Winter 2010 collection.

I also used Carolyn’s Metalicus finish for the neck binding for this top and am very happy with the way it has turned out.

All the seams have been sewn on my new baby, the Elna Lotus so I could see how she would handle the knits and I am very pleased with the results.  I did use my Coverstitch for the hems.

and look at the matched stripes

all those pins worked perfectly.

So this is Item 8 for my SWAP, the Minoru (which has advanced a bit more) is Item 9, so another knit top and another pair of shorts and I’m finished.

13 thoughts on “SWAP Stripes

  1. Impeccable stripe matching, and what everyone else said about use of big and little stripes. Thank you for the link to the technique. I've just started sewing with knits, this is all so helpful.


  2. ditto the other comments about the stripe matching . I also love the variation in stripe widths. looks very rTW- IT Is hard to get matching fabrics like that.


  3. Magnificent stripe matching, and I really like that you used a stripe of a different width for the contrasting. And thank you for the mention, but it isn't really *my* finish, really, hehe :)You looked amazing during your OWOP too, I just love your sense of colour. Just saying, my daughter's name is Cassie, and my dog is Sienna.


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