Another Me Made month completed

and I’m still enjoying them.

This year there were an amazing 185 members signed up for Me Made May 2012 and a lot of them were new to the whole experience.

I really enjoyed having Maria join the group this month, even though we are good buddies, we don’t see what each other wears during the working week, and she had some fantastic outfits to show.

Maria and I organised to meet up with Janelle from Sew hopefull and Michele from My Own Inspiration at Pitt Trading during the month and introduce them to our favourite fabric shops.

I did manage to be true to my pledge to “wear at least two me made pieces for the duration of May 2012” and the only times I felt I was cheating slightly was when I wore a dress and the 2nd item was Me-Made jewellery.


  •  I was surprised that I had enough Me-Made clothes in my wardrobe that some items didn’t even get a look in for the month.
  • One of the major holes I found was that I need cardigans for this time of year. My jackets are too warm at present and the two Simplicity 2603 cardigans got quite a work out.  I even succumbed to purchasing 2 cardigans. 
  • My SWAP garments helped fill out my wardrobe considerably and the only item from that group that didn’t get worn were the shorts, I can’t quite see me wearing them with tights. 

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, no more Me-Made months are being officially organised this year, but next year will be interesting to see how up the ante for that one!

Here’s how the month looked:

Will be back soon, as I have some goodies to show you.

5 thoughts on “Another Me Made month completed

  1. Didn't have time to comment on MMM posts, so I'll just wave my pom poms from the sidelines. Well done, some great styles and well made garments in your collection.


  2. Sharon,I have loved seeing all your posts! I look forward to many more, and you have inspired me to sew my own me-mades. I also look forward to the lined skirt tutorial:)Darby


  3. Want you to know, Sharon, how much I enjoyed your posts during Me Made May 2012. Your outfits were an inspiration to me, and I thank you for the details about your garments–made and purchased. Thanks!


  4. I'm impressed with the great job you did with all these photos. I can easily wear only me-made clothes (and do almost every day) but the taking photos bit is the thing that stops me every time. Well done!


  5. You did such a wonderful job documenting your wardrobe! That is where I fall down during these challenges. I love your clothing and have used your palette as my inspiration this year to move away from some of my black clothing. I did make up a grey jacket this last month as I cannot give up completely on my beloved B/W combos. Thanks for sharing your style and expertise.


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