The "Audrey Dress"

I downloaded this pattern when The Selfish Seamstress made it available after seeing her version for the Little Black Dress competition on Pattern Review a few years ago.

Then DH advised me we are off to the annual convention for his business and we have a fancy dress night (dress as someone famous) and the Gala dinner to attend.

I soon realized that when I printed off this pattern I hadn’t checked the print size box so the pattern wasn’t a true size 32 so I started with my TNT dress Simplicity 2648 and changed this pattern by:

  • Straightened the shoulders (the forward shoulder adjustment didn’t work with this style). 
  • Joined the back bodice and skirt together at the waist and made a full back piece on the fold. 
  • Took out a further .5cm (2/8″) sway back adjustment. 
  • Reduced the length of the back darts at the top by 2.5cm (1″).
  • Moved the zip to the left side seam. 
  • Took a .8cm (3/8″) gaposis tuck out of the back neck band.
  • Drafted an all-in-one facing for the neck line and armholes. 

This brown linen has been maturing in my stash since 2009 purchased from The Fabric Store and it is fully lined with Sun Silky.

For the back neck pieces I used Textureweft and fused it with two layers making sure that I had the grain lines going in opposite directions and I fused the top of the back point.


As I wanted a clean finish on the neckline and back sections I used the information in the Singer Sewing Book dated 1969.

The rest of the dress was was straightforward and of course the lining has a lace edge.

For the Gala dinner (they tend to be rather low key).

and for the Fancy Dress:

I have a number of garments planned but the next project is to work on the Jean-ius course with Kenneth King through Craftsy using a pair of Levis 550 that I love the fit of.

15 thoughts on “The "Audrey Dress"

  1. Oh, it's lovely, Sharon! I particularly like the pop of orange necklace, too. I bought a length of fabric last week that would be great in this pattern, so you may see me wearing one come summer!


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