My HotPatterns have arrived!!

I’m pretty sure that in all the excitement of Winning this years Stitcher’s Guild 2012 SWAP I forgot to mention that the first prize was $100 worth of HotPatterns.

It did take me a while to select these and I have just received them (well after 3 weeks holiday) and here they are:

  • Denim Diva Biker Babe Jacket
  • Artful Dodger Virtue Dress
  • Weekender Chilled-Out Sweat Suit
  • Weekend It’s a Wrap Top and Dress
  • HP 1033 Plain & Simple Fitted T Redux
  • Classix Nouveau Sportive Skirt Suit
  • HP 1137 Riveria Summer Breeze Sleeveless Tops
This pattern line is completely new to me so I will be interested to see what changes I need to do for the fit I like.
With all the Spring/Summer fashions that are appearing at present, what will I make first the:
  • Weekend It’s A Wrap Dress, or
  • Riveria Summer Breeze Sleeve Top with the tie front?
But first I need to finish up a couple of UFO’s Facebook smileys

12 thoughts on “My HotPatterns have arrived!!

  1. Wow what a fantastic prize! I would selfishly like you to make up the summer breeze top pattern. I haven't tried any of the HP styles yet, but if I did this one would be my pick. So a review would be mighty helpful heh heh!


  2. I look forward to your posts about these. I am also small and haven't had any luck with the few Hot Patterns I've tried… would love to get some tips on how to make it work!


  3. What a wonderful prize-I will look forward to hearing how you like this line. Though I am a member of Stitcher's Guild, I rarely visit…I didn't know you had won the SWAP. Congratulations!!


  4. I have a downloaded Hot Patterns vest that I haven't gotten around to trying yet. You've chosen a great selection and I'm sure we'll be seeing some great garments soon.


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