Riveria Summer Breeze and Giveaway

I have finally managed to try out one of the HotPatterns patterns that I won earlier this year and as predicted it is HP 1137 Riviera Summer Breeze Sleeveless Tops, the Tie-Front version from this pattern.

Not knowing what type of block Hot Patterns uses, I decided to make this one up with none of my normal adjustments and had it ready to sew at our fitting weekend with Angie.

I traced off a Size 8 as per my measurements on the envelope and found this steely blue wool/cotton blend knit in my stash that I purchased from an unnameable Brunswick distributor when the Aussie Pattern Review girls met up in Melbourne in 2010.

I found the instructions to be minimal, and even though I am Burda magazine sewer, the HotPatterns instructions seemed to be even less, e.g.

  • there are two notches for the placement of the long tie, however for the short tie there is only one notch and of course I used the lower notch as the top placement when from what I worked out later it should have been the bottom placement,
  • when it came to gathering the front piece there is no mention of what notches you match up or  how much it gathers up to, there is a diagram, but it did do my head in getting there.

I basted this together and tried it on and the only change we made was to reduce the short belt end of the oval dart by 3.5cm (1 1/2″).

I found this pattern very long and took 12cm (5 7/8″) off the length.

On reflection I probably chose the wrong size because I used a knit (which is also a suggested fabric) as the neck is very large and the side seams are too low and I have the bra showing.  It is a very loose style and the tie belt is the only way you can get any shape into it.

This top will be donated as I am not comfortable in it and even if I went down a size this will not change the amount of fabric that is in the front of the top, there is just too much of it for my liking.

Now if any of you would like to have this pattern, please let me know in the comments and I will let you know who the lucky person is.  Please be aware that I have cut off the instructions from the main sheet, but besides this the pattern is still intact as I traced of my pattern.

15 thoughts on “Riveria Summer Breeze and Giveaway

  1. I am just in awe of all you have created. You must be an all time efficient manager of time. Since I have been retired for medical reasons, I swear I get much less done than I did when still working. I started with your most current blog post and am working my way backwards, loving everything.


  2. Like so many other commenters I'm sorry to hear you aren't comfortable in this top as it looks really striking on you – a lovely colour on you and beautiful draping. I hope you can salvage this or re-make it in a smaller size!


  3. So sad it doesn't fit you well–there's definitely potential in this top as a pattern. It drapes so lovely in front, but I too have the same issues with HotPatterns. Their block is just not for me.


  4. Like everyone else I think it looks lovely on you. Try it in a smaller size, or if you really don't want it I would love to give it a go. I haven't tried HP yet but am curious to try one out.


  5. I'm going to echo everyone else and say that I love the top on you as well. But when you said the instructions are even more sparse than Burda I think you've turned me off Hot Patterns for ever!


  6. Wow, what a shame you don't like the top. I think the pattern looks nice, but I guess the concern over a wardrobe malfunction is always hard to work with. Like the other commenters, I think you should try a smaller size. I think it would look great with slim pants. I'd love to try it.


  7. Pity you don\” t like the top. I actually like it on you, it drapes nicely. But I think we all know if we are not comfortable in something we are not going to wear it and it will just take up space in the closet. Love that color on you by the way!


  8. It's a shame you don't like the top Sharon. My first response when I saw the picture was – WOW – that looks great – what a lovely top. If you don't like it though – you won't feel good in it. Maybe you can work some of your fitting magic on it – it really does look lovely.


  9. I think the top looks good with the skirt but I can see why you are disappointed. Comparing it to the pattern picture it is heaps bigger. The neckline is not a nice neat scoop and there is a LOT of extra fabric around the waist. But I think it has potential if you can be bothered/see past your disappointment. Can you try comparing the pattern lines to a tshirt you already have?


  10. I agree with everyone, the top looks lovely on you. In fact, I scrolled through before I read the post and really liked the top and was surprised that you don't care for it. I also agree that you should give it another try.


  11. It really looks nice on you.. maybe you can give it another try in a shorter size. I looked up youtube and found that there are some tutorials for this very top. maybe that might help?If you are not interested in giving it another chance, I'd love to have it! I've been eye-ing this pattern ever since my colleague wore a similar top (hers had a 3/4 sleeve but otherwise it was the exact same pattern) and then HP came up with a pattern for it.


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