Bra sew-along

I have finally succumbed to the inspirational posts from Carolyn showing us her gorgeous bras and have signed up with Amy from Cloth Habit for the Bra Sew-along.

Back in 2005, I did try and make a bra at the first ASG Convention I went to in Adelaide, and I still have the partly made bra and the adjusted Booby Traps B003 pattern.

I will start with the Booby Traps pattern and with Spotlight having half price patterns at present I have also purchased KS 3300 which is another style I like.

On the way to work last Thursday I called into Metro Fabrics at Tempe to purchase some underwires and check out what other goodies he had, major overload of all sorts of goodies!

So I have taken my measurements and worked out what size I should make and next up is to make a test bra to see how it fits and of course what adjustments I need to do.

I am wondering what I have got myself into!

9 thoughts on “Bra sew-along

  1. It does seem like a lot of effort for something that you won't be able to show off and hardly anyone will see (unless you're more extroverted than you seem ha ha ha). I'll be interested to see your results though, I always think that bras are overpriced for the little amount of fabric in them (well mine, anyway) but I'm sure there's a lot of work that goes into them


  2. I had read about the sewalong, and I really wish I had the time right now to join, but really don't… I will be reading along and bookmarking information, and maybe later this year or next, I will give it a try. It sure would be nice to have some pretty bras! (I make my own sports-bra style undies, but that is not at all the same thing)


  3. It is a terrific sew-along isn't it… Amy has written some wonderful posts to help us… and I have to confess I've already started playing with drafting another bra pattern, even though I am very happy with the KwikSew 3300! Making lingerie is fun :)i cannot wait to see your new creations. Thank you for those kind words too Sharon.


  4. I'm always so in awe of anyone who can make a bra! I'll be following along with interest. I can't join in this one but it is only a matter of time before I give up on ill fitting bras and make my own so i'll be really grateful then for all those who have gone before. Awesome!


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