My weekends tend to be busy well as the weekdays.


The 4th Saturday of the month is when I meet with another ASG group at Rhodes.

Maria and I both attend this group as well as a few other bloggers that Maria has highlighted in her post. It is a great day catching up with friends and getting some quality sewing time as well.

Thank you for the photo Maria!

Top: Simplicity 2603 top with sleeves added in brown mercury jersey (blogged here)
Skirt: Burda skirt 04/2009-101 in salt and pepper min cord (blogged here)
Cardigan: Jalie 2566 in mixture of knits, previously worn on day 8
Accessory: Me-made crocheted necklace and me-made earrings
Tights: Brown tights
Boots:  Sandler Sampson brown boots


This next picture is of a tracksuit most people only get to see at 6am in the morning when we walk Roscoe because as soon as I get home it is time go get ready for work.

On Sunday’s the alarm clock is switched off and we have a bit of a sleep in and slower morning routine and one of the chore is to hang out the washing:

Top:  McCalls 9080 (OOP) top in grey knit made pre blog but you can see it better here
Pants:  McCalls 9080 (OOP) pants in grey knit made pre blog.

Once the washing was hung out and breakfast had, I changed into,

Top:  Kwik.Sew 3740 top in brown/blue batik type knit, previously worn on day 17.
Jeans:  Jalie 2908 blue denim jeans, previously worn on day 24
Vest:  Jalie 3129 vest in blue linen (blogged here)
Accessory:  Purchased gold choker with ink navy disk, earrings and me-made handbag.
Boots:  Sandler Sampson brown boots

to go out to pick up some bit and pieces and then I had all intentions when I came home to get back into the sewing room to work on the pants.

However after lunch I sat down and started to do some beading, it was 4pm before I knew it, time to put the casserole in the oven for dinner!

5 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. I've loved all your outfits, even including the tracky dacks! I just wear the clothes you see in my pictures to walk Sienna, just with more walk-friendly shoes.


  2. Don't know how you do it Sharon but you even look classy hanging out at the Hills Hoist! Great outfits. Love the vest look and I am jealous that you bead too. I have joined the craftsy beading class – must get onto it.


  3. Your casual clothing is beautiful-I love the track suit and your Jalie jeans rock. It's nice to see your weekend wear and I have to say that you look wonderful in everything.


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