Plenty of sewing time

but nothing is completed as I seem to be working on a number of complicated garments at the one time Skype Emoticons

The trench and pants muslins are still progressing, and there is another project or two that I haven’t yet disclosed, hopefully they will surface soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a stringing project that I have been meaning to share for a while. I purchased the smokey Quartz faceted beads from Bead Them Up at one of the Craft Shows in 2008 and they have been taunting me ever since.

One of my last classes with my beading teacher was to work on this project, and I used inspiration from a design by Lynne Soto from “Beading with Gemstones” a Beadstyle Special Issue magazine dated 2007.

and it was completed just in time for me to wear with my SWAP outfits

Fingers crossed that the next time you see me it is to share a completed garment!

11 thoughts on “Plenty of sewing time

  1. You look swish. Watch out for beading addiction – I have two ex-sewing friends who are consumed by jewellery making including blowing their own glass beads.


  2. How gorgeous. I have jewelry envy. I will have learn to make my own as then I can have the necklaces land where I want them to. Love the colour of your beads. Looks great with your outfit.


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