Silk Boxer Shorts

It was our wedding anniversary this weekend and I have always given DH a traditional gift each year, and this year it is linen or silk.

For some reason I left this to last week to organise so this would have to be the quickest project so far for me.

I purchased the silk from The Silk Shop on Monday, pre-washed it on Tuesday, finally found the pattern on Friday night and had it gift wrapped for DH for our wedding anniversary today!

I have again used Jalie 2326 but this time I referred to the great tips from Martyn Smith in Dressmaking with Stitches, Volume 18 No.12 and added 1cm (3/8″) to the side seams and an extra 6mm (1/4″) to the front in-leg and curved crotch seams which let me do French Seams throughout.

The silk had a shiny and matt side, so I used the matt for the right side.

The only thing I need to do now is add a button to the fly front which of course I didn’t have a suitable one in the stash!

My lovely card contained a very generous offer to go fabric shopping!!

Now to get back to the Trench Coat!

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