Make a garment a month – December plans

I have decided that December is going to be my month for finishing 2 garments – my Chanel style jacket and matching skirt as they have been progressing slowly but now I want them finished.

I have used Vogue 7975 for the jacket and my self drafted TNT skirt pattern.

Here is a picture of the fabric showing the skirt which I have fused with Superfine fusible interfacing purchased from Spotlight however I can’t seem to find any reference to it.  This is a very fine interfacing just enough to give a bit more structure to the skirt to help stop it from bagging from sitting.

Now to get back to more hand sewing!

9 thoughts on “Make a garment a month – December plans

  1. I have been wondering recently how much progress you had made on the Chanel jacket – I can't wait to see it. I would love to make one as well, one day. The skirt is going to be lovely as well – your garments are always beautifully made. Looks as though you are going to have a happy sewing Xmas 🙂


  2. These finished garments would be a fantastic Christmas present to yourself, fingers crossed you don't get distracted by too many christmas parties or the hot weather….


  3. Great idea! This set will be so lovely once finished and you are very close with both the jacket and skirt. You'll be happy to have them hanging up and ready to wear. Gorgeous fabric 🙂


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