Make a garment a month – March plans

February didn’t see me commit to making a garment for myself, however I did cut out two different types of skirts and plan on making them both this month.

They are both from the same navy wool that my DS and I purchased during a visit to the Fabric Cave for the total sum of $10 for 13 metres.

The first skirt is the Marfy 0757 above, which I am making using the couture techniques provided in the Marfy sew-along.

My second skirt is my TNT Self Drafted Pencil Skirt which I am making like I have made all my other skirts.

I will be very interested to see which skirt I prefer to wear.

2014 Stash Out: 5.2 m
2014 Stash In: 31.75 m

8 thoughts on “Make a garment a month – March plans

  1. 13 meters! What a ridiculously good buy and a ridiculously large amount of fabric, lucky you had someone to share it with. I'm assuming that DS refers to your sister? Or do you have a secret son stashed away we don't know about?


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