MMM’14 – Days 15 to 21

Here in Sydney we are experiencing unusually warm conditions for Autumn with temperatures above 23c for this last week so it will be interesting to see how much longer the tights stay in the drawer!

Thursday 15 May

How did I manage to get this shot!

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in white/toffee/brown knit, worn previously on Day 3
Skirt: Self Drafted Skirt in brown linen, worn previously on Day 1
Accessory: Me made necklace and earrings
Hosiery: Celestial Voodoo
Shoes:  Circa Joan and David Calalilly pumps


Friday 16 May

Today’s photographic theme is “Too Pretty To Wear Pants”.  This wasn’t hard for me to do as 1 only have one pair of pants/trousers in my wardrobe.  I am happy to make jeans but pants/trousers are proving to be difficult to get the fit I want!

Cardigan worn as a top: Miette in Morris Woollahra wool, colour mint with choc chips (to be blogged)
Skirt: Self drafted TNT skirt pattern changed to a denim style in green twill (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made necklace and purchased earrings.
Hosiery:  Voodoo Celestial 
Shoes: Taupe flats


Saturday 17 May

Today I’m off sewing again with the Australian Sewing Guild at The Remnant Warehouse and am loading up my car whilst waiting for Alison to arrive so we can car pool.

Are you sure I can’t come too!

Top: BWOF 02-2009-108 Boatneck in blue/grey/brown knit, previously worn on day 6.
Jeans: Jalie 2908 Jeans in blue denim,  previously worn on day 9.
Vest:  Shona knitted vest in chartreuse (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made leather handbag (blogged here), purchased necklace and earrings
Hosiery:  Voodoo Celestial
Shoes: Taupe flats


Sunday 18 May

I am heading to Cabramatta today to meet up with Lynn from You Sew Girl who is visiting from Michigan USA with Wendy, Maria, Valerie, Alison and Beverley for a bit of fabric shopping and lunch.

Wendy, Maria, Lynn, Valerie, Alison and Beverley
Photo by Maria

Top: Simplicity 2603 in brown mercury jersey (blogged here)
Skirt: BWOF 04-2009-101 in salt and pepper fine cord (blogged here)
Cardigan: Jalie 2566 in a mixture of knits, previously worn on days 1 and 14.
Accessory: Me made crocheted necklace and me mad earrings.
Hosiery: Voodoo Celestial
Shoes: Taupe flats

and here are some of the wonderful buttons that Lynn had made as a gift for us.

and my fabric stash has grown again, with these:

1.5 metres for a top

1/2 metre for maybe a sleeve for a cardigan!

Monday 19 May

Today’s my birthday and my boss game me the day off work!

I have had a lovely weekend  sewing with my friends and then meeting up with other bloggers for fabric shopping.  I have to go into the city for an appointment but when I get back home it will be to get into my sewing room to get organised for our sewing weekend!!

Top: Kiwk.Sew 3740 in brown/grey knit previously worn on Day 7.
Skirt:  Vogue 1247 skirt in brown denim (blogged here)
Accessory: Purchased gold band with purchased glass cream/brown/gold fleck disc and purchased earrings.
Tights: Voodoo Celestial
Shoes: Taupe flats


Tuesday 20 May

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 with the neckline raised in chartreuse/grey/navy knit, previously worn on Day 5
Skirt: Self Drafted TNT skirt in navy wool (blogged here)
Accessory: Me Made necklace and earrings
Hosiery: Voodoo Celestial 
Shoes: Circa Joan & David Lux slingbacks


Wednesday 21 May

Sculpture at in front yard at work

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in blue/brown batik knit previously worn on Day 9
Skirt: TNT Self Drafted Skirt in brown suede like fabric, previously worn on Day 6
Accessory: Purchased gold band with purchased ink navy disc and me made earrings.
Hosiery: Voodoo Celestial
Shoes: Circa Joan and David Calalilly pumps

2014 Stash Out: 11.75 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

8 thoughts on “MMM’14 – Days 15 to 21

  1. What lovely colors! That new fabric is going to make lovely cardigan sleeves.Happy birthday! Its good to see that you had a wonderful time with sewing friends.


  2. Happy birthday for the 19th. How nice to have the day off. What a great wardrobe you have. Love the new additions of fabric. Did you make the Miette? If so you are even more talented than I thought and I already thought you were amazing. And OMG – I need to cut off my head – I didn't realise I was so tall!!.


  3. Anonymous

    What a great boss you have! You seem to be part of a great sewing community over there. Once again beautifully coordinated outfits 🙂


  4. I have been following you for a while, but I am a lazy commenter! I have to say you have such a great coordinated wardrobe, very well thought out. I especially love your Miette.


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