Wineberry Cowl

So what does a girl do when she has to spend 3 days away from her sewing machine, break out the knitting needles again.

Ravelry is a great site for inspiration and free patterns, and this one is by Jen Geigley and is called the GAP-tastic Cowl.

I did take this pattern with me on our trip and managed to find a few knitting shops but I didn’t manage to find any wool that really appealed to me or that I couldn’t purchase at home.  One of the things I was really after was a soft snuggly yarn as this would be worn around my neck.

It wasn’t until I got back home and saw Heidi’s post from Sewing Daisies about her Honey Cable Cowl and the gorgeous Morris & Sons Maya 14ply 100% Baby Alpaca that I knew this was the wool that I was looking for.

Inspiration from Heidi

This is a very simple cowl to knit, it is 130 stitches on a circular needle, joined in the round and then you knit 1, purl 1 until you reach your desired width.

The pattern does suggest a width of 15″ but I thought this would be far too wide for my frame, so my cowl is 9″ wide and this sits comfortably around my neck.

I purchased 7 balls of wool and have 3 and a bit left over, now to work out if I want a matching beret!

I cast on the stitches on Friday afternoon and cast off on Monday on the way home in the car!

This is the full length and I don’t think I will wear it like this.

This is how I  will wear it the most, looped over my head twice and I can’t wait to mix it with my print tops!

And for those cold days have it looped over my head 3 times.  Perfect for when you need your coat and something to keep your neck warm this is definitely the way to go!

13 thoughts on “Wineberry Cowl

  1. Anonymous

    Now you've got me wishing my Summer away! I so love Autumnal colours and the first thought of snugly knits 🙂 I'll definitely keep this pattern in mind come September…


  2. I really like the three loop look. A good addition for a.m. walks with Roscoe too!! Can I come and pick it up on Sunday nights when I go and watch son play ice hockey at 3 degree ice rinks?


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