Activewear – VNA Top

Now for the 2nd piece of my Activewear – Mini Wardrobe.

This is Fehr Trade’s VNA top, and what I liked about this top is that it has some shoulder coverage.

It is a downloadable pattern which is instant gratification and a very small pattern to put together.  The pieces also let you use small scraps of fabric if you want to do the colour blocking.

I have used again the brown Stella Cotton Elastomeric 10% Spandex from Standard Knits that I made the Yoga Pants out of and then some grass green and navy Supplex purchased from Metro Fabrics.  For the neck and armhole bindings I have used the  leftover fabric from this top.

This is the first time I have used a pattern from Fehr Trade and Melissa has done an excellent job in stetting out all the steps, including some common adjustments that people will need.

I traced off an XXS from my measurements and then did the following adjustments:

*  1cm FBA as per Melissa’s instructions in the pattern sheets as well as my standard 1cm gaposis tuck to the front neckline

*  My standard 1.5cm sway back adjustment but this time I used a new technique that Sandra has been using that also squares the back shoulder.

Melissa has an interesting way to do the neck and armhole bindings, I found that you need to be very accurate with your markings and stitching, but the finished product is very smart.

Now here is the VNA top with my Yoga Pants

Now it is finished, I can see that I need to look at a few things:

*  the shoulder width as the shoulders keep folding in
*  how I can change the back armholes so that it will cover my standard bra (I am wearing a cross back bra) without changing the design line that I quite like.
*  remember to remove the 2cm (1cm gaposis tuck) from the neck band and hopefully this will solve the issue at the back neck or I will need to do a small gaposis tuck there as well.

I will be back tomorrow with another piece.

2014 Stash Out: 19.8 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m

7 thoughts on “Activewear – VNA Top

  1. It's good to look the part, and the parts you have put together look good as well, so a winning wardrobe, in my book 🙂 I'm sure you will work out what to do about the back issue.


  2. I see many people have had success with Melissa's patterns. I hope you're able to find a fix for the back/bra strap issue. Otherwise, this looks like a great pattern.


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