24 Garments = 377 outfits!

I am a visual person, and found this amazing to see.

From this 24 piece collection,

I can have 377 different combinations!

The following shows the 13 tops with the 6 bottoms and 1 of the cardigans, I haven’t shown the same combinations without a cardigan or even with the other waterfall cardigan or the Marfy jacket!

This group alone lets you have 312 outfits!

Pants from Step 1.

Jeans from Step 4.

Navy Marfy skirt from Step 7.

Brown suede skirt from Step 9.

Brown denim skirt from Step 11.

Navy linen skirt from Step 17.

Now for the Jalie accent cardigan from Step 15.

I would only wear this with the plain tops, 10 in total, so with the 6 bottoms you have another 60 different looking outfits.

The dress from Step 15 goes with all the cardigans and the Marfy jacket, another 5 outfits!

I have realised that if the 3 patterned tops were plain it would add another 18 outfits.

I’m not sure that I wouldn’t get tired of the tops, but this is where your accessories do play a major part in changing the look, especially when sitting at a desk.

Now back to some regular sewing, so I can see if I can make this work!

7 thoughts on “24 Garments = 377 outfits!

  1. Did you put images of your own clothes in there – the last collage looks like The Skirt (Rachel Comey with front seam pockets). If so, what a lot of work. I do agree with kbenco, you will have to keep up with the tops – bottoms do last longer. Great concept, one we can all adapt to suit what we currently have.


  2. This is very impressive, it really shows how the planning gives you a wonderful wardrobe with relatively few pieces, but I agree, I think one could get tired of wearing the same tops – and maybe they would not stand up so well to constant laundering as the more robust bottom pieces. I will be interested to hear how this works for you in real life.


  3. Hi Sharon. I tried to track down the Australian Stitches magazine after you first mentioned it. Working through the concept with you has been great. I will constantly refer back to these posts. Thank you for sharing your wardrobe, its gorgeous.Ta Meagan


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