Flat Iron – Curling Iron Travel Case

Even though I said my sewing mojo had disappeared, it didn’t stop me from making my best friend a Curling Iron travel case for her birthday back in February.

I found this great tutorial over at Sew4Home for a Flat Iron, Curling Iron Travel Case and then spotted the perfect print and plain fabric as well as the Insul-Bright Insulated Lining (so the iron can be packed when it is hot) at The Remnant Warehouse.

The instructions are very well written and easy to understand.

The one thing I did differently was to quilt the sandwiched fabric together to keep it all secure.

This is the Travel Case closed with the cord in the back pocket.  To get an idea of the finished size it is sitting on top of my carry on bag.

The hot iron is encased within the Insul-Bright Insulated lining.

 and the cord is then folded into the pocket on the back.

For those days that the iron is cold, you can put both the Iron and cord in the front pocket.

I believe it has been on few trips already!

and, if you haven’t entered my giveaway, you still have a few days to do so.

16 thoughts on “Flat Iron – Curling Iron Travel Case

  1. I should have thought of this! I spent ages trying to find a cover that stored the cord separately from the iron. I gave up and bought something that was OK but not spot on. Your cover is beautiful!


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